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no. 480

Saturday, 25 November 2006

Brighter London,
a Wylie-Tate Production,
London Hippodrome, London, 28 March 1923,
including the vocal ballet,
'The Jackdaw of Rheims'

Brighter London

programme cover for Brighter London,
London Hippodrome, London, 23 March 1923

(printed by John Waddington Ltd, London, 1923)

The Wylie-Tate revue Brighter London by Laurie Wylie, with lyrics by Clifford Harris, and others, was produced by Julian Wylie at the London Hippodrome on 23 March 1923. Additional scenes were written by R.P. Weston and Bert Lee, the music was composed, selected and arranged by Herman Fink, and the ballets, musical numbers and ensembles were staged by Gus Sohlke. All costumes were designed by Dolly Tree. The principal members of the cast were Billy Merson, Lupino Lane, who introduced the popular American song, 'Yes, We Have No Bananas,', Annie Croft and Elsie Prince. One of the attractions of Brighter London was the appearance of Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra.

Brighter London ran for 603 performances, closing on 15 March 1924.

Jackdaw of Rheims

Bernard Dudley as the Cardinal, Frederick Leigh as the Abbot and Ruth French as the Jackdaw
and members of the cast of 'The Jackdaw of Rheims', the vocal ballet which was staged as Scene 7
in the revue, Brighter London, London Hippodrome, London, 23 March 1923.

(photo: unknown, London, 1923)

Brighter London, a revue in 15 scenes, included 'The Jackdaw of Rheims,' a vocal ballet adapted by Basil Macdonald Hastings from one of The Ingoldsby Legends. Its principals were Ruth French in the title role, Bernard Dudley and Frederick Leigh.

Ruth French

Ruth French as the Jackdaw in 'The Jackdaw of Rheims'
in Brighter London, London Hippodrome, London, 23 March 1923.

(photo: unknown, London, 1923)

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