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Maudie Ford

Mdlle. Rosa’s Dancing Dolls Troupe

(photo: unknown, probably London, circa 1883)

The Footlight Notes Collection of photographs comprises over 40,000 images of theatrical, music hall, variety, ballet, circus and other celebrities in the field of entertainment spanning the period from the 1850s to the early 1920s. It is a private collection gathered together over the past fifty years.

Having received hundreds of requests over the past few years for the use of these images, both commercial and private, I thought the following guide would be useful.

Formats and presentation

Digital images only will be supplied, either as .TIFF files on CD-Rom disc(s) or as photograph-type glossy prints.

Although the size of a print is to some extent determined by the size of the original image, the average is approximately 6 x 8 inches (15 x 20 cm). All images will be supplied in the best possible state depending on the quality and condition of the original image, with obvious flaws, spots and scratches deleted. Images will be presented in black and white, sepia or tinted depending on the colour of the original print.

Real photographic prints, transparencies and slides cannot be supplied under any circumstances.

Fees, per image

Commercial, one-time, single language for books, periodicals and other publications - £35.00
Commercial, book covers and packaging - £135.00
Commercial, advertising - £135.00

Private, academic (students) and non commercial - £17.00

These prices include the cost of preparation, CD-Rom disc(s) and paper but not the cost of shipping, which is extra depending on your location.

Payment accepted only in Sterling by UK cheque or Postal Order in the United Kingdom; in US dollar equivalent by US check in the United States; or in Sterling or US dollar equivalent via PayPal.

Payment to be made in advance without exception.

Orders usually can be fulfilled within two weeks; no rush orders under any circumstances.

Please note that while most images that appear on Footlight Notes are available subject to the above, a few have been lent or accessed from other sources and therefore cannot be supplied.

All enquires to John Culme by e-mail. Please be sure to give your name and e-mail address, and be as specific as you can by detailing the image(s) you require and the reason for your request. Enquiries for other images in the Footlight Notes Collection are welcome.

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