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no. 467

Saturday, 26 August 2006

Daisy Hancox and Mona Vivian sing
'Two Little Bits of Greece'
from As You Were,
a Fantastic Revue by Arthur Wimperis,
with music by Herman Darewski and Edouard Mathe,
produced by C.B. Cochran at the London Pavilion, 3 August 1918

Daisy Hancox and Mona Vivian

'We'll absolutely stick to you
Like two little bits of Greece.'

Daisy Hancox as Myrrha and Mona Vivian as Phyrne
in an episode from As You Were, London Pavilion, 3 August 1918

(photo: Foulsham & Banfield, London, 1918)

Alice Delysia was the star of As You Were and as such played a series of characters representing the beauties of all time, including Helen of Troy and Ninon de l'Enclos. The revue's episode presenting the former required a chorus in the tradition of ancient Greek theatre. This chorus, the squabbling Myrrha and Phyrne (one says to the other, 'You remind me of a performing elephant!'), was undertaken by two of the youngest members of the cast: Daisy Hancox and Mona Vivian. Their song, 'Two Little Bits of Greece', written by Herman Darewski, with words by Arthur Wimperis (Columbia L-1271, mx 76245-2, recorded London, about 13 September 1918, 1.3mb mp3) became an unexpectedly popular item in the revue. (Please note that this recording is included here for the sake of its rarity rather than its listening pleasure; it has the disadvantage of being a 'distant' recording with a noisy surface, but is the best available copy at this time).

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