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London, 7 July 2005

London, Thursday, 7 July 2005

London, 7 July 2005

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no. 412

Saturday, 6 August 2005

Admiral Dot and Jennie Quigley
head the Liliputian Opera Company's production of
the 3 Act operetta, Pocahontas,
on tour in the United States and Canada, 1879/80

drill in Pocahontas

Admiral Dot (1858/64-1918) and Jennie Quigley (b. 1850)
lead the Drill in the Liliputian Opera Company's production of Pocahontas.

(photo: Lloyd, Waterford and Round Lake, New York, 1879)

The Liliputian Opera Company to visit Fitchburg, Massachusetts, November 1879.
'The Liliputian Opera company, which gave so pleasing an entertainment here, last season, will again appear in city hall on Saturday evening, Nov. 15th. The company is now in Canada, and is playing to large audiences, The Montreal Gazette of last Friday says:
'An immense audience, composed mainly of the better classes, greeted the Liliputian Opera company at the Theatre Royal, last evening. Pocahontas was rendered with all the vim and vivacity that the little artistes could throw into it, and the vigorous applause proved that their efforts were appreciated. As re-written for this company, Pocahontas introduces many comical alterations, which John Brougham would have been puzzled to follow. All these innovations, however, are worked in with consummate skill, and as the audience realized the ludicrous sayings and surroundings, broad, hearty applause greeted the little folks from Orchestra chair to gallery. The whole entertainment is so thoroughly novel and unique, that it attracts a class of society seldom seen at a theatre.'
(The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Friday, 7 November 1879, p.3a)

'Liliputian Opera Co! In their New and Brilliant Operetta in 3 Acts, Pocahontas!
'POCHOHONTAS. Miss JENNIE QUIGLEY, age 25, height 30 Inches.
'CAPT. JOHN SMITH ADMIRAL DOT, age 21, height 28 Inches.
'POWHATTAN COL. ORR, aged 36, height eight feet,
'With a full Chorus of LILIPUTIANS,
'MATINEE at 2.30. Admission 25c, Children 15c
'Evening, 35 and 50 cents.
'Opening sale at Keith & Simonds', Tuesday [18 November 1879] at 9 o'clock A.M.
'Reserved seats for each entertainment, without extra charge, at Post Office News Room.'
(The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Friday, 14 November 1879, p.3e, advertisement)

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