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no. 396

Saturday, 23 April 2005

Robert Loraine, Marie Illington, Adolphus Vane-Tempest
and Mabel Love in C.B. Fernald's comedy,
98.9, Criterion Theatre, London, 27 February 1912


A scene from 98.9, Criterion Theatre, London, 27 February 1912.

'Mrs. Anne Delphy (Miss Marie Illington) is discussing with her friend, Miss Grace Challismore
(Miss Mabel Love [far left]), the extraordinary pertinacity of the hero, Mr. Stanley Miles (Mr. Robert Loraine).
Sitting negligently on the couch is Mr. Napoleon Delphy (Mr. A. Vane-Tempest), an ineffectual lover.'

(photo: unknown, London, 1912)

'Mr. Robert Loraine has chosen a queer title for his play, 98.9, at the Criterion, of which the authorship has not yet been announced; but the play will succeed in spite of its title, for it is well written and the acting is good - not only that of Mr. Robert Loraine but that of Mr. Vane-Tempest, who always seems to us to be one of our very best comedy actors. Miss Marie Illington and Miss Mabel Love are both charming.'
(The Sphere, London, Saturday, 30 March 1912, p.359)

Mabel Love

Mabel Love (1874-1953), English actress and dancer

(photo: Dover Street Studios, London, circa 1908)

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