Lina Abarbanell+
<I>The Admirable Crichton</I> (Duke of York's Theatre, London, 2 March 1908)+
Henry Ainley+
<I>All Aboard</I> (Lew Fields's 44th Street Roof Garden, New York, 5 June 1913)+
Allie Alvine+
The American Quartet (with Billy Murray)+
Louisa Angel+
Grace Arnold+
Doris Ashton+
Doris Ashton+
Bach (Charles-Joseph Pasquier)+
Frank Backus+
Lillie Bartlett+
Mab Barton+
Adelaide Bassett+
Nora Bayes+
Nora Bayes+
Harry Beckett+
Agnes Beckwith+
Phyllis Bedells+
Laura Joyce Bell+
Sarah Bernhardt+
W.H. Berry+
<I>The Black Crook</I> (Niblo's Garden, New York, 12 September 1866)+
Rosie Boote+
Maud Branscombe+
Lily Brayton+
Anna Brevoor+
Gertude Briscoe+
Mollie Brown+
Davy Burnaby+
Harry Cambridge+
Emma Carson+
Miolan Carvalho+
Martha Cashmore+
Irene Castle+
Chinese Actors+
<I>The Chinese Honeymoon</I>+
Louie Chirgwin+
<I>The Chocolate Soldier</I> (Lyric Theatre, New York, 13 September 1909)+
<I>Cinderella</I> (Shakespeare Theatre, Liverpool, Christmas 1907)+
<I>The Cinema Star</I> (on tour, King's Theatre, Greenock, Scotland, week beginning Monday, 29 March 1915)+
Nita Clavering+
Miriam Clements+
C. Hayden Coffin+
Juanita L. Davis Cole+
Constance Collier+
Columbia Phonograph Co+
Tom Conway+
Maud Courtnery+
Joseph Coyne+
Nita Croft+
Marie Dainton+
Phyllis Dare+
Nellie Darrell+
Doris Davis+
Dazie, Mlle.+
Clair de Lune (Quadrille Fin de Siecle)+
Cl&#233;o De M&#233;rode+
Alice Delysia+
Sahary Djeli+
<I>The Dollar Princess</I> (on tour in the USA, 1910/11)+
Fred Duprez+
Jennie Eddy+
<I>The Edge O' Beyond</I> (Garrick Theatre, London, 9 August 1921)+
Camilla Eibensch&#252;tz
G.H. Elliott+
Phyllis Embury+
Adele Farrington+
Jean Baptiste Faure+
Happy Fanny Fields+
Regine Flory+
Mlle. Folette (Quadrille Fin de Siecle)+
Della Fox+
C.V. France+
George French+
Violet Friend+
Mollie Fuller+
Mayme Gehrue+
Teddie Gerard+
Allie Gilbert+
Bettina Girard+
Nancy Girling+
Kitty Gordon+
Maud Granger+
George Graves+
Evie Greene+
Lennox Grey+
Yvette Guilbert+
Harry Gunn+
Hanlon Brothers+
Madeleine Hanson+
Cissy Hargreaves+
Annie Harrington+
Emilie Hayes (Mrs G.H. Elliott)+
Hedges Brothers & Jacobson+
Claire Heliot+
Leslie Henson+
Bijou Heron+
Mabel Hite+
Maud Hobson+
Edna Wallace Hopper+
Renee Houston+
Bobby Howes+
Annie Hughes+
Katie Hughes+
Percy Hutchison+
Millie Hylton+
<I>Ib and Little Christina</I> (Prince of Wales's Theatre, London, 15 May 1900)+
Josephine Jacoby+
Daisy James+
Elsie Janis+
Vernona Jarbeau+
Ellis Jeffreys+
Daisy Jerome+
<I>John&#45;a&#45;Dreams</I> (Haymarket Theatre, London, 8 November 1894)+
<I>Joy&#45;Bells</I> (London Hippodrome, 25 March 1919)+
Laura Joyce+
<I>Julius Caesar</I> (Her Majesty's Theatre, London, 22 January 1898)+
Nelson Keys+
Hetty King+
<I>Kismet</I> (Garrick Theatre, 19 April 1911)+
Leopoldine Konstantin+
Irma La Pierre+
Claudia Lasell+
Harry Lauder+
Simone Le Bargy (Mme. Casimir Perier)+
Daisy Le Hay+
Rose Leclerq+
Lenton Brothers+
Ethel Levey+
Beatrice Lewis+
Mlle. Lillian+
Beatrice Lillie+
Letty Lind+
James Lindsay+
The Mr. Lionettes+
Clara Lipman+
Lizzie Lisette+
<I>The Little Damozel</I> (Wyndham's Theatre, London, 21 October 1909)+
Little Tich+
Lizzie Lizette+
Marie Lloyd+
Nonny Lock+
Edna Loftus+
Kitty Loftus+
Marie Lohr+
Lulu Louden+
Lulu (El Ni&#241;o Farini / Sam Wasgate)+
Henry Lytton+
Irene Magley+
Marie Majilton+
Marchand (as Orpheus in <I>Orph&#233;e aux Enfers</I>, Th&#233;&#226;tre des Bouffes Parisiens, Paris, 21 October 1858)+
Alice Marriott+
Delia Mason+
Edna May+
Stella Mayhew+
Clarice Mayne+
Jennie McNulty+
Nellie Melba+
<I>Merely Mary Ann</I> (Duke of York's Theatre, London, 8 September 1904)+
Mary Merrall+
Billy Merson+
Ruby Miller+
<I>The Miracle</I> (Olympia, London, 23 December 1911)+
<I>Miss Hook of Holland</I> (UK tour, probably 1907, starring Marie Studholme)+
Go&#45;won&#45;go Mohawk+
Victoria Monks+
Monti Sisters+
Nelly Moon+
Billy Murray+
<I>My Mimosa Maid</I> (Prince of Wales's Theatre, London, 21 April 1908)+
Adelaide Neilson+
<I>Nero</I> (His Majesty's Theatre, London, 25 January 1906)+
Christine Nilsson+
<I>On Trial</I> (Candler Theatre, New York, 19 August 1914)+
Rosa Opfermann+
Denise Orme+
<I>Orph&#233;e aux Enfers</I> (<I>Orpheus in the Underworld</I>) (Th&#233;&#226;tre des Bouffes Parisiens, Paris, 21 October 1858)+
<I>Othello</I> (Princess's Theatre, London, 20 June 1863)+
Norman Partriege+
<I>The Passing Show of 1915</I> (Palace Theatre, London, 9 March 1915)+
Vera Pearce+
Esm&#233; Percy+
The Phydoras+
<I>Piff, Paff, Pouf</I> and the radium ballet (on tour, USA, 1904/1905)+
<I>The Popinjay</I> (New Theatre, London, 2 February 1911)+
<I>Princess Caprice</I> (Shaftesbury Theatre, London, 11 May 1912)+
Quadrille Fin de Siecle (1892)+
<I>R.S.V.P.</I>, including <I>Alice in Lumberland</I> (Vaudeville Theatre, London, 23 February 1926)+
<I>Rappelkopf; oder, Der Alpenk&#246;nig und der Menschenfeind</I> (Theater am B&#252;lowplatz, Berlin, 31 December 1917)+
Gabrielle Ray+
Maude Raymond+
Ernest Rees+
Ada Reeve+
Marthe Regnier+
Reynolds & Donegan (Earle Reynolds and Nellie Donegan)+
Ralph Riggs+
Betty Rigl+
Mlle. Risette (Quadrille Fin de Siecle)+
Arthur Roberts+
Eleanor Robson+
Patty Rosa+
Harry Rose+
Madge Rossell+
Royal Duchess Theatre (Balham, south London, circa 1902)+
Julia Sanderson+
Mabel Santley+
Fritz Schilling+
<I>The School for Scandal</I>, (His Majesty's Theatre, London, 7 April 1909)+
Mlle. Serpolette (Quadrille Fin de Siecle)+
Amy Sheridan+
Louie Sherrington+
Smart Set Co (with Aida Overton Walker)+
Augusta Sohlke+
Willie Solar+
Margaret Sousa+
Farren Soutar+
Clara St. Casse+
Mimi St. Cyr+
Aileen Stanley+
John Steel+
Ruth Stetson+
Marie Studholme+
Frank Sturgis+
Ethel Sydney+
Harry Taft+
Harry Tate+
Nellie Taylor+
Marie Tempest+
Ellen Terry+
Fred Terry+
<I>Theodore & Co</I> (Gaiety Theatre, London, 19 September 1916)+
Ambrose Thorne+
Maudie Thornton+
<I>The Three Little Maids</I> (London and New York, 1902/03)+
Herbert Beerbohm Tree+
Hilda Trevelyan+
Lillie Tusdale+
Dorothy Vane+
<I>Vanity Fair</I> (Palace Theatre, London, 6 November 1916)+
Kate Vaugham+
Vernon (French male impersonator)+
Vesta Victoria+
Clarita Vidal+
Joseph Jay Villers+
Laura Villiers+
Aida Overton Walker+
Esther Walker+
Miss Walker (fl. 1870s, English burlesque actress)+
Yolande Wallace+
Lewis Waller+
Genevieve Ward+
Ben Webster+
Estelle Wentworth+
Ella Wesner+
Lee White+
Lillie Wilson+
Rose Wilson+
Katharine Witchie+
Wombwell's Menagerie+
Kitty Woodford+
Lola Yberri+
Lola Yberri+
<I>Yes, Uncle!</I> (on tour in the United Kingdom, 1918)+
Zittella, Mlle.+