Special Interests of Visitors to Footlight Notes, photo of Gabrielle Ray by Bassano, London, circa 1908


Since Footlight Notes was launched as a Web-based publication in the summer of 1997, a number of visitors to the site have expressed interest in special subjects. Some were researching particular aspects of the world of Victorian and early 20th century entertainment, while others were investigating the lives and careers of specific celebrities. In the case of the latter, their curiosity was often sparked because of a family connection. The following is a list, in no particular order, of the names of visitors to Footlight Notes and their chosen topics. Where applicable a corresponding Web site or e-mail address link is given; all others may be contacted through Footlight Notes.

Chris Johnston Peggy Heather (real name Margaret Amelia Sinclair Heithersay) who travelled the British music halls as part of the Dennis Family before and during the First World War. She appears to have been active again during the 1920s until 1944, latterly appearing at Brighton, Sussex. She was killed by a V-1 bomb in the Lambeth area of London in January 1945.
John S. Booth Gertie Gitana (1888-1957), English music hall singer.
Phoebe Wray Theater and cultural history.
Gavin Whitelaw The English music hall song 'Shabby Genteel' sung by Victor Liston (1838-1913).
Gary Hunt Gary, who is Editor of Magical Past-Times, is interested in the history of magic and magicians.
Jamie Leigh Castle's Kelly & Ryan Co. and ‘M'lle Eugenia.’
Sue and Brian Nicholson Elsie/Eliza Maisey (married William Henry Wellsted in 1881), thought to have been in one of Wilson Barrett’s companies.
Mari Lyn Henry Clara Morris (1846-1925), American actress.
Steven Lederman Mallet percussionists, i.e. xylophonists, marimba players, and the like. ‘From the UK I am especially interested in the American born Teddy Brown (1900-1946), and would welcome any information, photos, memorabilia of him that any of your readers have available. I am interested in other percussionists as well, including Harry Robbins and Rudy Starita. I have a Web site dedicated to these folk.
Curtis Parrish John Dooley (Scotland 15 Oct. 1882 - [? Philadelphia, PA] 29 Sep. 1921), and Ray Dooley (‘Ray Dooley's Minstrels’) whose husband, whom she married in 1914, was Eddie Dowling, song-and-dance man, writer and producer. ‘I'd be glad to share any information, and be very happy to receive any additional information regarding my grandfather John Dooley's family.’
John Charles English music hall singers; and the life and career of the English musical comedy actress and singer, Adrienne Augarde (d.1913).
Maria Teresa Iovinelli Italian theatrical celebrities of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Web site.
Marie Smith Bessie Clifford (c.1885-1967), American popular singer and dancer.
Shirley Brown Ada Binning (b. Middlesex, London, 1870), English music hall singer.
Daniel A. Nixon Cylinder recordings of British music hall artists.
Diane Cousins Eva Cousins (aka Hope Eden), vaudeville performer, and an early female pilot.
Robin Mollenhauer Edward Mollenhauer (1827-1914), violinist, composer, conductor; and Ernestina Ritter, whose stage name was Ada Clifton.
Josh Buck Vaudevillian strongmen, including Siegmund Breitbart; Louis Cyr; Bobby; Pandour (Pandor, Pandur); C. A. Sampson (Charles A., Carl August, last name could be Samson); Eugen (Eugene) Sandow; and Al (Albert) Treloar.
Andrew Stebbing Eddy Stebbing and his two brothers Cliff and Frank performing as the Stebbing Trio of acrobats on the music hall circuit in the early 1920s and ’30s.
Alexia Lazou The English actress Mabel Beardsley (fl.1901-1910), sister of the artist Aubrey Beardsley.
Pauline Robson Researching the Morton Family viz William Morton and his wife Margaret, and their family Ann Cora Morton (the actress Madge Carr Cook [1856-1933]), Walter Morton Cameron, and T Morton Powell. Also Sofia Morton Powell, and Maud Morton Powell.

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