Cigarette card for the week ending
Saturday, 9 October 2004

Marguerite Sylva (1875/76-1957)
actress and vocalist

Marguerite Sylva

Marguerite Sylva

(photo: unknown, circa 1897)

A real photograph cigarette card from one of the Guinea Gold Cigarettes series issued by Ogden's of Liverpool, England, about 1900. The subject is the mezzo-soprano Marguerite (Marguerita) Sylva whose appearances on Broadway included parts in the musical comedy The French Maid (1897), a revival of Erminie with Francis Wilson (1903), and Franz Lehar's Gipsy Love (1911). In the latter she starred with Arthur Albro with whom she contemporaneously recorded for Edison (28002) 'Love is Like the Rose.' Her several appearances in films are said to have included a silent version of Carmen.

Marguerite Sylva's death on 21 February 1957 at Glendale, California, was the result of a road accident.

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John Culme, 2004