Caroline ARNELL

Dennis Arnell c.1837-c.1853
Mrs Caroline Arnell c.1853-c.1866
Albert Arnell c.1866-c.1901
Miss Lily Caroline Arnell c.1901-c.1931

Dennis (otherwise Denis) Arnell[1] is listed as a jeweller from 1838 until 1844 at 9 Queen Square, Clerkenwell[2], where, similarly described, he is noted together with his wife, Caroline Mary, at the time of the baptisms at St. Bartholomew the Great of their children, Jane, born 6 November 1837, baptised 17 November 1839, and Charles, born 19 October 1839, baptised on 17 November 1839. Moving to 39 Skinner Street, Clerkenwell,[3] Arnell is again listed as a jeweller from 1845 until 1853. Thereafter Caroline Arnell is recorded at the same address [30.8.1853], where she is listed as a jeweller from 1854 until 1866, and where she was succeeded by Albert Arnell [14.3.1864], similarly listed from 1867 until 1880. In 1875 the latter advertised as a 'working jeweller, etc . . . Roman setting and ornamental engraving for the trade.'[4] He then moved to 13 Brewer Street North, Clerkenwell, EC,[5] where he is listed as a working jeweller from 1881 until 1901. The 1901 Census records him at the age of 59 as a 'gold ring [and] bracelet carver.'[6] Afterwards Miss Lily Caroline Arnell is similarly listed at the same address from 1902 until 1931.

mk: 3, 1637
ref: 6/47/4, 6/129/2

1. Grimwade p.358. See also Grimwade p.375 for Richard Sayer Arnell who may be connected and who by 1867 is listed as a jeweller and furrier at 98 Edgware Road, W.
2. Samuel Starkey entered marks from this address, 1829-1837 (Grimwade p.379)
3. Thomas Green is listed here previously as a goldsmith
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5. Frederick Horne is listed here previously as a watch jeweller
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