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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Christine Nilsson (1843-1921),
Swedish soprano, in concert at Bath, England, 1869

Christine Nilsson
Christine Nilsson

(photo: unknown, circa 1870)

'Bath is remarkably full of strangers, although the season has hardly commenced, but Millsom-street every fine afternoon is gay with loungers, and private carriages are numerous. Winter gaieties have not begun regularly, but there have already been a few kettle-drums, some heavy dinner, and one private dance, and thus all tastes have been gratified. Public amusements have been frequent. Recently Mlle. Nillson [sic] attracted an admiring crowd to the Rooms, and, although reserved seats were at a much higher price than usual, every place was taken for weeks beforehand. Her splendid voice created a great sensation, and drew forth rapturous applause; but the lady looked dissatisfied, and particularly so when drawn in against her will to a repetition of the quartet in Martha.'
(The Queen, London, Saturday, 20 November 1869, p. 312b)

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