'PIESSE and LUBIN, perfumers, have TAKEN the PREMISES, No. 2, New Bond-street, which they will open for the SALE of first-class PERFUMERY early in November.' Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle, London, Sunday, 16 September 1855, p. 2a, advertisement 'LITTLE DORRIT'S NOSEGAY. - This inimitable perfume is only made by PIESSE and LUBIN, perfurmery factors, 2, New Bond-street. Sold in bottles, 2s 6d each; or three sorted ''sporting perfumes,'' in a neat box, for 7s.' Bell's Life in London, London, Sunday, 30 December 1855, p. 2d, advertisement Answers to Correspondents 'Frangipanni. - Mr. Piesse, in his clever and charming volume, ''The Art of Pefumery,'' informs us it was invented by one of the earlies of the Roman nobles... ''A liquid of the same name, invented by his grandson, Mercutio Frangipani, is also in common use, prepared by digesting the Frangipanni Powder in rectified spirits, which dissolves out the fragrant principles. This has the merit of being the most lasting perfume made.'' - Instead, however, of attempting to manufacture this classic perfurme, we would advise our correspondent to try that which is prepared by Messrs. Piesse and Lubin, 2, New Bond-street, the perfection of which we can vouch for.' The Ladies' Cabinet, London, Saturday, 1 March 1856, p. 168 'ROYAL HUNT BOUQUET. - Piesse and Lubin, Perfumery Factors, 2, New Bond-street, London. - ''This exquisite perfume has the fragrance of a garden at evening's close.'' FRANGIPANI, the YACHT CLUB NOSEGAY, and the NEWMARKET JOCKEY CLUB SCENT, 2s 6d each, or three bottles in a case, 7s. ... Sold everywhere.' Bell's Life in London, Sunday, 3 August 1856, p. 2b, advertisement mention of the closing of the old Adelphi Theatre and the end of the run of the Green Bushes... 'Talking of the Royal Covent Garden Opera-house, reminds us of a novel addition tot he elegance of its arrangements, in the erection of a Perfumery Boudoit, in connection with the saloon, where visitors may purchase fans, bouquets, nosegays, perfumers, &c., supplied by Messrs. Piesse and Lubin, from the Laboratory of Flowers, New Bond-street.' The Ladies' Cabinet of Fashion, London, unknown date [? 1858], p. 330 'KISS-ME-QUICK. - PIESSE and LUBIN'S new perfume for the festive season, distilled from fragrant tulips, 2s 6d a bottle, or three bottles in a pretty case, 7s. Entereed at Stationers' Hall. Laboratory of Flowers, 2, New Bond-street.' Bell's Life in London, Sunday, 17 January 1858, p.8 'STOLEN KISSES and BOX-HIS-EARS. The New Festive Perfumes for 1861. PIESSE and LUBIN, 2, NEW BOND-STREET.' The Daily News, Saturday, 5 January 1861, p. 4a, advertisement The International Exhibition '... The perfumery cases also had, especially amongst the females, hosts of admirers. Piesse and Lubin's beautiful case very soon became the ''cynosure of ladies' eyes,'' as well as noses, and hundred gathered round, to smell at the rich odours which are here extracted from a thousand flowers....' The Daily News, London, Tuesday, 10 June 1862 'LOVE and KISSES. - PIESSE and LUBIN have made several NEW PERFUMES for the festive season: - Love and Kisses, the Congress of Flowers, the Sangdringham Bouquet...' Bell's Life in London, Saturday, 19 December 1863, p. 2, advertisement 'FASHIONABLE PERFUMES... [Piesse & Lubin] 'The latter [''Borlonia''] is a most refined and delicious perfume, produced entirely from Australian blossoms... [it] is also brought out as a delicate toilet soap, [and is] the very latest novelty in perfumes - indeed, so recent an introduction that it is not mentioned in Messrs. Piesse and Lubin's latest catalogue.' Le Follet, London, Monday 1 June 1891, p. 325 'SPINNINGS IN TOWN. ... '... Perfume is always a welcome present; and at this moment, when Christmas gifts are our study, we should be careful to choose our ''sweet offerings'' in novel and tasteful arrangements, such as may be seen at Mons. Rummel's, 96, Strand, and 128, Regent Street. Mons. Rimmel's reputation for delicious perfume, and elegant caskets for its containance, are too well known to require any descriptin, but each season brings its store of nouveauute/s, both in perfumes themselves, and in their outer coversings. The new perfumes are entitled Winter Blossoms, Autumn Blossom and Spring Blossoms, the Ste/phanie, Sarah, and Emma Bouquets, and Violet de Nice, which last is the perfume of the moment. Mons. Rimmel's Christmas novelties are endless... [including] Lovely little glove scent flacons, of silver gilt and ruby glass, for slipping in the glove, are of two kinds - one made to unscrew, another with a snap ... enamelled glass Venetian flasks, in various colours, to hang on the watch-chain, perfumed menu and guest cards... and enamelled pocket scent flasks, of exquitie beauty...' Myra's Journal of Dress and Fashion, London, 1 December 1880, p. 587 Eugene Rimmel showed at the Great Exhibition, 1851 Inauguration of the Great Dublin Exhibition '... Mr. Euguene Rimmel, of London, displays his collections in a handsome glass case, in the centre of which is a beautiful little fountain sending forth delicate jets of Eau de Cologne, with which the obliging exhibitor permists ladies to perfume their handkerchiefs....' The Lady's Newspaper, London, Saturday, 21 May 1853, p. 317 'RIMMEL'S NEW PERFURMES FOR THE SEASON. WHITE VIOLETS, MEADOW-SWEET, and HIGH-LIFE BOUQUET... RIMMEL'S ROYAL JUBILEE BOUQUET, with Portrait of Her Majesty and the perfume, The ''Romanoff.''' Myra's Journal of Dress and Fashion, London, Sunday, 1 January 1888, p. 3, advertisement 'THACKER, SPINK AND CO., - CALCUTTA... MISCELLANEOUS DEPARTMENT. Messrs. Thacker, Spink & Co. beg to call the attention of their Constituents and the Public to the folliwing useful articles just received.... 'SCENT BOTTLES... 'Mordan's best New Topaz coloured cut glass Scent Bottle, with engraved silver top... ditto Chrysophrase ditto Opal ditto New Green ditto New Topaz rich enchased top ditto Ruby 'UNION SCENT BOTTLES. 'Mordan's Registered Union Scent Bottles of best white cut glass, with engraved silver gilt caps and mounts,... ditto, ditto, Figshaped Pattern ditto ditto, with ditto...' The Friend of India, Calcutta, Thursday, 23 May 1861, p. 584, advertisment Walter Thornhill, 144 New Bond Street 'On first entering the eye is caught by a quantity of chatelaines of every conceivable variety, as well as fittings or appendanges for the chatelaines. These are made to match each style of chatelaine in oxidised steel, silver, parcel gilt, electro-plate, and in plain and chased gold and silver, and the following list will give some idea of the numerous ne/cessaire of the modern chatelaine:- Purses of various shapes, with silver and plated mounts, memorandum books, with silver and plated mounts, lantern scent bottle, with vinaigrette, horn-shaped scent bottle, with vinaigrette, horn-shaped wine flask with cup, heart scent bottle, lighthuse scent bottle, target scent bottle, cauldron scent bottle, water can scent bottle, bucket scent bottle, policeman's lantern etui [&c]' The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, London, Monday, 1 December 1873, p. 312-313 'ROYAL HOSPITAL FOR INCURABLES. 'The nave of the International Exhibition Building was occupied yesterday with thirty or more stalls laden with cushions, dolls, smoking caps [&c, &c] for the special benefit of the Royal Hospital for Incurables at Putney... Under the Eastern dome, Minton's majolical fountain is still standing, and wafts the sweet perfume imparted to it by Rimmel's process far and wide...' The Daily News, London, Friday, 26 June 1863, p. 5f International Exhibition 'Minton's fountain was again scented with Rimmel's perfume. The water is not perfumed, as is supposed by most persons, but the odour is diffused by means of unseen ''vaporisers.''' The Era, London, Sunday, 22 June 1862