Tuesday, 2 December 2008 The Era, London, Sunday, 23 December 1860, p. 8a Her Majesty's Theatre, London Wednesday, Boxing Day, 26 December 1860 Harlequin and Tom Tumb; or, Merlin the Magician and the Good Fairies of the Court of King Arthur, 'an entirely New and Original Grand Musical, Magical, and Comical Burlesque Ballet Pantomime' [full details] Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London Wednesday, 26 December 1860 Queen Lady-Bird and Her Children; or Harlequin, and a House on Fire, 'a new Entomological Christmas Pantomime' 'The magnificent scenery, with effects of fire and water never before attempted in any Theatre, painted by Mr. Frederick Fenton. The Scenery of the Harlequinade by Messrs O'Connor and G. Morris. The Overture and Music of the opening story by Mr. Spillane. The Harlequinade music by Mr. Burnett. Queen Lady-bird, Miss Weeks; Her Forty Children, by the Corps de Ballet, and others; Fairy of the Rose, Miss Henrade; Fairy of the Honeysuckle, Miss Addington; Fairy of the Hops, Mr. Coleman; The Princess Threespots, Miss Louisa Leclercq; Prince Abue, Miss Fanny Wright; Aphis, King of the Greenflies, Mr. Coe; Greengoggle (his Lieutenant), Mr. R. Carroll. The Pantomimists by the unrivalled Leclercqs; Harlequin, Mr. Arthur Leclercq; Columbine, Miss Fanny Wright; Pantaloon, Herr Cole; and Clown, Mr. Charles Leclercq.' Princess's Theatre Royal, London Wednesday, 26 December 1860 Robinson Crusoe; or, Harlequin Friday, and the King of the Caribbee Islands, 'a New, Mirthful, Musical, Comical, and Highly-Coloured Christmas Pantomime' 'The Burlesque Openeing, written by Henry J. Byron, Esq., aurthor of Jack, the Giant Killer. Scenery by Mr W. Telbin, Messrs Neville, Buck, Fenoulbet, Brown, and E. Gates. Monsieur Espinsa and Mdlle Marie Dumilatre, of the principal Continental Theatres, will appear. Clown, Mr A. Forrest.' The Era, Sunday, 23 December 1860, p. 8b Royal English Opera, Covent Garden Boxing hight, Wednesday, 26 December 1860 Bluebeard; or, Harlequin and Freedom in Her Island Home, 'Great Christmas Comic Pantomime, on a scale of magnitude hitherto unattempted' [full details] The Era, London, Sunday, 23 December 1860, p. 8c Theatre Royal, Drury Lane Peter Wilkins; or, Harlequin and the Flying Women of the Loadstone Island! 'new Grand Comic Christmas Annual, which, for a considerable time having engrossed the attention of every department, will be produced on a scale of unprecedented magnitude and magnificence.' [full details] Sadler's Wells Theatre Boxing Night, Wednesday, 26 December 1860 'a new grand comic Christmas Pantomime, with new Scenery by Mr. C.S. James, entitled, HARLEQUIN SINBAD THE SAILOR; or, The Fairy of the Diamond Valley, and the Little Old Man of the Sea, supported by Mr. F. Lauri, Mr. E. Lauri, Mr. Martin, Mr. C. Fenton, Miss Phoebe Lauri, and Miss Caroline Parkes.' The Era, London, Sunday, 23 December 1860, p. 8d Strand Theatre, London Wednesday, 26 December 1860 'a new and original Grand Christmas Fairy Burlesque Extravaganza, by H.J. Byron, Esq., entitled CINDERELLA; or, The Prince, the Lackey, and the Little Glass Slipper. Supported by Messrs. J. Rogers, Turner, Poynter, and J. Clarke; Mesdames M. Oliver, C. Saunders, M. Simpson, K. [?] Lavine, Miss Rosina Wright, and a numberous Corps de Ballet. Terminating with a gorgeous Transformation Scene, by Mr. Albert Calcot, surpassing in mechanism and splendour anything ever attempted at this theatre.' Astley's Royal Amphitheatre Monday, 24 December 1860 'Batty's Prize Equestrian Comic Pantomime, for good little boys and girls, by T.L. Greenwood, entitled, HARLEQUIN AND THE WONDERFUL HORSE; or, Percinet and Gracioes, the Ugly Duchess and the Greedy King, produced with gorgeous scenery, by Mr. Cuthbert, new costumes and appointments, and introducing in the comic scenes, Batty's Prize Equestrian Harlequinade, and the celebrated Old Bob Ridley, and Brandon Ledger. Harlequin, Mr. Sylvester; Columbine, Miss Harriet Dalton; Pantaloon, Mr. G. Perks; Clown, Mr. James Cooke; Sprites, Messrs Thorne, Lockhard, and Sons.' Wednesday, 26 December 1860 'a new Grand Chritmas Comic Pantomime, with new and gorgeous Scenery, Dresses, and Appointments, entitled HARLEQUIN AND CINDERELLA; or, The Fairy of the Little Glass Slipper. The Pantomime produced under the entire direction of Mr. Shepherd. Mischief and Malice (old Witches), Mr. Norman and Mr. Herberte; Baron Huffenduffendirt, Mr. Charles Rice; The Prince Amoravis, Miss Grace Darley; Aquarina (Fairy of the Little Glass Slipper), Miss Elizabeth Webster; Cinderella, Miss Jenny Bellair; Harlequin, Mons. Duprez; Columbine, Mdlle. Annie Zitella; Pantatoon, Mons. Gelleni; Clown, Mr Harry Croueste; Prites by the great Nicolo Family. Dalby's Magnificent scenery.' City of London Theatre Wednesday, 23 December 1860 'Mr. Nelson Lee's own Pantomime will this year eclipse all that has yet been attempted - even here, or indeed, anywhere; one blaze of gorgeous splendour and dazzling beauty; the Pantomimists unequalled . . . FAIR ROSAMOND; or, the queen with the Dagger and Bowl, and the Enchanted Labrynth. Columbine, Mrs. Alexander; Harlequin, Mr. Alexander; Pantaloon, Mr. Morell; Sprites, the Brothers Ellis; and merry Clown, by Mr. George Lupino, the irresistible.' Victoria Theatre, London Monday, Christmas Eve 'The Great Prize Pantomime, entitled THE ENCHANTED HORN; or, Herlequin and the Fire-King, and the Fairies of the Frozen Dell. Mr Towers predicts this will be the greatest hit this side of the water. Constant, Miss Julia Weston (her first appearance here). The Fairy Queen, Miss Lucy Bedford (her first appearance this season). Medora, Miss Pearce. Hafed, Mr. G. Yarnold. Clown, Mr R.H. Kitchen. Columbine, Miss Batty (her first appearance here). Harlequin, Mr Fred. Evans. Pantaloon, Mr J. Halford. Sprite, the Great Russelli. Magnificent Transformation Scene.' Marylebone Theatre, London Monday, Chrsitmas Eve, 1860 'a New Grand, Costly, Operatical Burlesque Pantomime, written by Mr C.H. Hazlewood, entitled PRETTY BLUE-BELLE AND THE UGLY BEAST; or, Harlequin King of Coin Castle. Pretty Blue-Belle, Miss Emma Barnett; Ugly Beast, Mr J.H. Cave, Clowns, Lawrence and Tony Denier; Pantaloons, Cooper and Webb; Harlequin, Mr Jerome Lionel; Columbine, Miss Clara King. The surprising Gorgeous Scenery by Mr Shalders. Magnificent Appointments and Tricks by Mr Tapper.' Soho Theatre, London Boxing night, 23 December 1860 'a new and original Burlesque Pantomime, written by Mr. Mobray, entitled RAYMOND IN AGONIES, a Bit of Fun with Harlequin and the Bleeding Man. Don Raymond, Miss Emmerson; Theodore, Mrs. Firth; Conrad, Miss Rose Ellington; Agnes, Miss Emily Carlton (her first appearance hereP; Ursula, Mrs. J.W. Sims; Marco, Miss Gould; Claude, Miss Margaret Cameron; Marguerite, Mr. W. Shirley; Clown, Little George Beckett (the wonder of the world); Fairy Queen, Miss Nelly Burton, supported by a powerful Corps de Ballet.' Grecian Theatre, City Road, London Christmas Eve, Monday, 1860 'the gorgeous Pantomime of THE BLUE BIRD OF PARADISE; or, Harlequin King Charming and Prince Pigmy. The opening written by Messrs. G. Conquest and H. Spry. The new and magnificent scenery designed and painted by Mr. C. Smithers. King Sappy, Mr. jackson; The Queen, Mr. Manning; King Charming, Miss H. Coveney; Prince Pigmy, Mr. G. Conquest; Florina, Miss I. Conquest. The magnificent Transformation Scene, designed and painted by Mr. C. Smithers, representing Hymen's Home and Fairy Fanciful Floral Fete in Paradise Palace. Cown, the great little Rowella; Harlequin, Mr. W. Ozmond; Sprite, S. Sedeni; Pantaloon, Harry Power; Columbine, Miss L. Davies.' Easter Opera House, Pavilion Theatre, Whitechapel Road Monday, 24 December 1860 'new grand Comic Christmas Pantomime . . . entitled, GOOSEY GOOSEY GANDER; or, Harlequin and the Firy Queen of the Golden Temple. Harlequin, Mr Fredericks; Pantaloon, Mr. Santer; Columbine, Mdme. Pauline; Clowns, Messrs. Lemaire and John Green; Sprites, by the wonders of the world, the Brothers Leon, supported by a troupe or artistes of acknowledged talent.' The Era, London, Sunday, 23 December 1860, p. 9a Britannia Theatre Christmas Eve, 1860 'a gorgeous and entirely new Pantomime, to be entitled THE PRINCE AND THE OGRE; or, Queen Grasshopper, and The Glow-worms of Glow-worm Glade. The Prince (with parodies on new and popular airs), Mrs. S. Lane; King Toadstool, Mr. J. Parry; The Ogre, Mr. C. Pitt; Clown, Mr. Jean Louis; Harlequin, Mr. Arthur Roby; Pantaloon, Mr W. Newham; Sprites, Herr Conrad and Sons; Columbine, Mdlle. Celeste Stephan; Harlequina, Mr. W. Crauford.' Standard Theatre, Shoreditch Monday, 24 Decmeber 1860 'Grand Comic Christmas Pantomime, called GULLIVER'S TRAVELS TO THE GIANT AND DWARF KINGDOMS; or, Harlequin and the Firy Queen of the Island of Lilliput, in which will be produced one hundred of the largest and smallest people in the world. The great Transformation Scene this year must eclipse anthing hitherto attempted. Gorgeous Scenery and Grand Moving Panorama, painted by Mr John Wright. Clown, Mr Ricketts; Pantaloon, Mr Lucy; Harlequin, Mr Ash; Columbine, Miss Atterwell; Harlequina, Miss Lizzie Clifton. Sprites by the Brothers Peroni.' Effingham, Whitechapel Road Boxing night, December 1860 'an entirely new comic Pantomime, written by E. Suter, Esq., and the whole produced under the immediate superintendence of Mr. C.J. Bird, entitled TOM, TOM THE PIPER'S SON; or, Harlequin and the Magic Whistle, and the Good Fairy that lived in a Grotto. Lord Never-grin (with songs), Mr. Morris Abrahams; Baron Measly, Mr. J. Carter; Bully Blusterfuster, Mr. Coreno; Old Engerarterwhittles, Mr. F. Abrahams; Tom, Miss Pettifer; Crinoline, Mrs. F. Abrahams, afterward Harlequin, Mr. C. Buckingham; Sprite, Herr Garbutt; Clown, Mons. Macarte; Pantaloon, Mr. Findlay; and Columbine, Mrs. C. Buckingham.' Bower Saloon, Stangate, Westminster Road, London (capacity 1500 persons) 24 December 1860 'Gorgeous Pantomime, written by C.H. HAZLEWOOD, Esq, called THE LITTLE MOUSE WHO BUILT A HOUSE IN A CHRISTMAS CAKE; or, Harlequin Industry and Idlesness. Brilliant and Dazzling Transformation Scene! The Fairies' Arcade of Roses, and Golden Temple of the Vine!! One Blaze of Light!! surpassing everyting hithertoon seen at the Bower. THE ROYAL BOWER RIFLES, under the command of Mdlle. THEODORE (from Drury-lane Theatre) will appear, and defy all Foregin Invaders. The Lazonie Family. The Band, numerous and complete, under the able Direction of Mr Testoc.' The Era, London, Sunday, 23 December 1860, p. 11b 'Sudden Death of Mr. Deulin, the Pantomimist. 'It is with great regret that, in the midst of our announcements of the theatrical novelties of this festive period, we find outselves called upon to record the sudden decease of anohter who was intimately associated with the amusements of Christmas. Mr. Delin, the well-known Pantomimic artiste, died very suddenly on Monday afternoon, under the following painful circumstances:- He had attended the rehearsal of the Druty-lane Pantomime on Monday, at which we spoke to him, and Mr. E.T. Smith shook hands with him, so last as part four o'clock in the afternoon, when he appeared in his usual health; but, after rehearsal, and as he was quittin the theatre with Mr. Huline, the Clown, he found, without any previous exertion to account for it, or premonitory sympton, that he was spitting blood copiously. Hurrying over to the bar of Wilson's tavern, in Drury-lane, to obtain some weak brandy-and-water, he had no sooner entered than he sank down on a seat, and vomited a large quantity of blood. Medical assistance was immedately procured; but, on the arrival of Mr. Jabez Edwards, surgeon, of Great Russell-street, it was found that his state was hopeless, and in a few minutes he expired. A post-mortem examination of the body showed that the death arose from bleeding of the lungs, which were in a diseased state, especially the right lobe, and that death ensued from natural causes. An inquest was held on Wednesday evening, before Mr. Brent, coroner, at the Brownlow Arms, Brownlow-street, Drury-lane, and the jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony. The real name of the deceased was Isaac Dowling, but at a very early period of his life he adopted the professional name of Herr Delin, and in conjunction with Mr. Harry Boleno, obtained a great repute at the Grecian Saloon and elsewhere as a performer in comic ballets. As a Harlequin he was extremely agile, and an excellent dancer. For the last few years he has represented the Fop in the Drury-lane Harlequinades, to the effect of which his humour and activity greatly contributed. He was much respected by a large circle of friends and the profession generally. His age, we believe, was about forty-eight. 'He was the sole support of aged parents (one seventy-three and the other eighty years old) as well as three daughters, who, by this distressing event, are left in great distress. A subscribtion, to alleviate their immediate wants, was immediatly proposed by the kind-hearted lessee, Mr. e.t. Smith, who headed it with 5 5s., and part of the company then present soon increased it to nearly 15. Any subscriptions forwarded to Mr. Frederick Leger, ERA, Office, Catherine-street, Strand, London, will be thankfully recived, duly acknowledged in cour columns next week, and properly administered to soothe the few declining days of poor Deulin's aged mother and father.'