BL 20 October 2008 BL 2 December 2008 BL 11 January 2010 advertisement 'Several compleat Services of Silver shaped gadroon'd Dishes and Plates, a magnificent large light chased embossed Landscape Dish, a very find Historical Set of chased Dressing Plate, Epergnes, Tureens, Cups and Covers, Candlesticks, Kettles, with many other curious Pariculars: Also the very largest Assortment of new and old Plate to be sold exceeding cheap by Stafford Briscoe, Goldsmith in Cheapside, where the most Money will be always given for any Quantities of old Plate and Jewels.' Public Advertiser, London, Wednesday, 7 Febraury 1759, p. 2b, advertisement advertisement, offence 'STOLEN Yesterday Evening about Six o'Clock, a Shew-Glass, continaing among other Things, the following Particulars, viz. one Silver Snuff-box with King Charles's Head painted in Glass, one Tobacco-box, with an Ivory Top carved with humourous Frolicks, pretty much wore, a Smelling-bottle carved in Paste, in a black Shagreen Case, one remarkable Silver Sucking-Pipe, and several other Silver Snuff-boxes, mostly Tortoiseshell Tops, several Stock-Clasps, Belt-Buckles, Waistcoat Buttons, Eggs, Pencils, and divers other Trinkets not yet known. 'If offered to be pawned or sold, stop them and the Party, and tiven immediate Notice to John Fielding, Esq; and you shall receive Five Guineas Reward for the Whole, or in Proportion for any Part thereof.' Public Advertiser, London, Wednesday, 7 Febraury 1759, p. 3a, advertisement married 'Tuesday was married Mr. Mordecai, an eminent Watchmaker of St. James's, Duke's Place, to Miss Hannah Hendricks, youngest Daughter of Mr. Aaron Hendricks, of Vine-street, Broker, an agreeable young Lady with a Fortune of 3000.' Public Advertiser, London, Thursday, 8 February 1759, p. 1c offence 'Last Tuesday in the Evening the Servant of a Silversmith in Brook-street, having unlock'd the Shewglasses to remove them into the Ship, some Sharper took an Opportunity of taking one of them clear off, while she was carrying the other into the Shop.' Public Advertiser, London, Friday, 9 February 1759, p. 2a advertisement 'LOST or stolen, a Piece of ancient Coin, something bigger than a Crown-Piece, on one Side emboss'd an old Head with a large Band, and a Cap like the Representation of Sir Matthew Hale; the Superscription round the Head, Maximilian, the rest forgot. 'Whoever has found the same, or if offered to pawn or sale, and will bring it to Mr. Gosling, Goldsmith, at the Fox in Cornhill, shall receive Three Half Crowns Reward.' Public Advertiser, London, Friday, 9 February 1759, p. 2c, advertisement advertisement 'GREAT Variety of Chelsea China to be sold cheaper than they were made for, at Mr. HUGHES's, Ironmonger, in Pallmall; likewise Branches, Epargnes, ornamented with Flowers and Figures, &c. Great Choice of fashionable Steel Stove-Grates, and the new invented Stove-Grate, that effectually cures smoaky Chimnies, and burns but half the Quantity of Cols other do; all Sorts of Copper Coogs tinned with pure grain Tin, best Pewter, French Plate, japanned Waiters, compleat Boxes of Tools, Garden ditto, Gun Sets, neat Cucumber Cutters, Pease-Boilers to boil without Water, brown Copper Tea-Kettles to save Spirits, Cutlery, Hardware, &c. &c. very cheap. 'N.B. Great Choice of new-patern [sic] Mourning Buckles, black Swords, &c.' Public Advertiser, London, Friday, 9 February 1759, p. 3a, advertisement