BL, Thursday, 25 November 2008 'Chester, April 26. Yesterday the great Cock-Match between Sir Rob. Cotton, Bart. and Philip Egerton, Esq; ended at Chester, for 40 Guineas a Battle, and 400 on the Main; out of 200 Cocks only 24 on a Side fell in the Match; 'Six Battles were fought on Tuesday last, Sir Robert won two, Mr. Egerton three, and one was drawn. 'Six were fought on Wednesday, Sir Robert won four, and Mr. Egerton two. 'Thursday each won three. 'The remaining six were fought Yesterday, Sir Robert won three, and Mr. Egerton three; so Sir Robert won the Main by one Battle, and a very hard one, Sir Robert's Cock having broke his Wing, that there was Five to One against him.' The General Advertiser, London, Tuesday, 29 April 1746, 1b [Chester] 'The Great Cock Match for 400 Guineas the Main, and 40 Guineas a Battle, stood thus, 21 Cocks each Side tell in Weight, 8 of which were won by Sir Robert Cotton, and 7 by Philip Egerton, Esq; the remaining six Matches were not fought when the Post came away.' The General Evening Post, London, Saturday, 25 April 1747, p. 2b [Chester] 'On the 23d of last Monght the Annual City Plate at West-Chester, was run for . . . 'At this Meeting Philip Egerton, Esq; fourght - Puleston, Esq; shewing 41 Cocks on each Side, for 40 Guineas a Battle, and 400 the main, which was won by Mr. Egerton, by two Battles.' The General Advertiser, London, Friday, 11 May 1750, p. 1b 'During the Races at Chester, Philip Egerton, Esq; of Oulton in Cheshire, beat Sir Lynch Cotton the Match of Cocks annually fought between those Gentlemen.' The Whitehall Evening Post or London Intelligencer, London, Saturday, 4 May 1754, p. 1c