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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Ethel Wilson (fl. early 20th Century),
British actress and pantomime principal boy,
as Ganem in The Forty Thieves,
Gaiety Theatre, Dundee, Scotland, Christmas 1907

Ethel Wilson

Ethel Wilson as Ganem in The Forty Thieves

(photo: unknown, UK, 1907)

This real photograph postcard, Rotary Photographic Series no. 4903 C, issued in 1907 by the Rotary Photographic Co Ltd of London, features Ethel Wilson as she appeared as the principal boy, Ganem, in the pantomime The Forty Thieves, produced by R.A.P. Williamson at the Gaiety Theatre, Dundee, at Christmas 1907. The production afterwards went on a short tour, including the Grand Theatre, Edinburgh (January 1908) and the Hippodrome, Hamilton (February 1908). Gipsy Woolf, playing the principal girl, Zilda, was accompanied by her Six Sunbeams.

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