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Hylda Lewis (fl. early 20th Century),
English dancer, and
Garnet Wilson (fl. early 20th Century),
English actor and dancer,
as they appeared in a UK tour of Tina, 1916

Hylda Lewis and Garnet Wilson

Hylda Lewis and Garnet Wilson
as they appeared in the 1916 UK tour of Tina

(photo: unknown, UK, 1916)

Tina, the successful musical play by Paul Rubens and others, which had opened at the Adelphi Theatre, London, on 2 November 1915, was still running when a UK touring company was sent out on the road early in 1916. The chief part, Tina, was played in London by Phyllis Dare and on tour by Dorothy Waring; their understudy in both London and on tour was Gracie Sinclaire. Other members of the touring company were Vernon Davidson (Carlo, played at the Adelphi by Godfrey Tearle), Ellis Holland (Antonio Belloni, Adelphi: Ben Osborne), Clifford Seyler (Rinaldo, Adelphi: Rohan Clensy), Billy Stephens (Nico, Adelphi: George Gregory and Fred Wright), Madge White (Rita, Adelphi: Mabel Sealby), Maria Minetti (Carmen, Adelphi: Yvonne Reynolds), Aida Dawson (Freda, Adelphi: Luna Love and Florence Vaughan; and Garnet Wilson and Hylda Lewis stood in for the Adelphi dancers, Jan Oyra and Dorma Leigh .

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