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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Annie Temple (fl. late 1860s/1870s),
English actress

Annie Temple

a carte de visite photograph of Annie Temple

(photo: The London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co Ltd, London, circa 1870)

'MR. EDITOR. - Sir, - In a critique in your journal of yesterday, under the head of ''Theatricals at St. George's Hall,'' the ''special'' dramatic entertainment is stated apparently to have been for the purpose of exhibiting the histrionic powers of Miss Louise Charteris, and Miss Annie Temple, who, taking that announcement for the statement, have recently distinguished themselves and satisfied their admirers in the characters of Julia and Helen in The Hunchback. Whilst thanking your critic for the kind manner in which he was pleased to speak of my humble endeavours in the character of Volante in The Honeymoon, as well as on former occasions, I would wish to add that I have never played in The Hunchback at St. George's Hall; I have assisted professionally at several performances in the above Hall, and played on Wednesday night on the personal request of Mr T.E. Evans, the Stage-Manager, on the information that the representation was for his benefit. I should be much obliged if you would give insertion to this letter in your next number, and oblige, Sir, yours faithfully, ANNIE TEMPLE. Globe Theatre, London, 3d April.'
(The Era, London, Sunday. 9 April 1871, p. 12b)

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