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Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Seven Honey Boys (fl. 1915),
American minstrel entertainers,
'The Big Act on the Big Time'

Seven Honey Boys

The Seven Honey Boys

above, left to right: Sam Lee, James Meeham, Tommy Hyde and Billy Cawley
below, left to right: Paul Van Duke, William H. Thompson and Carl Fletcher

(photo: unknown, USA, probably 1915)

'THE SEVEN HONEY BOYS, so called because each and every individual has played from one to six seasons with the late lamented George Evans' Honey Boy Minstrels.
'TOMMY HYDE is recongized as America's premier soft shoe dancer. WM. H. THOMPSON has won his spurs with some of the foremost minstrel organizations as a baritone vocalist par excellence, JAMES MEEHAN'S pleasing tenor voice has won him a host of friends, PAUL VAN DYKE and his now famous yodling selections ''clean up'' at every performance, SAM LEE'S witticisms and BILLY CAWLEY'S funnyisms are always good for rounds of laughter, and CARL FLETCHER can sing and dance. He is also the ''baby'' of the troupe, even though he has just qualified as a voter.'
(The New York Clipper, New York, Christmas Number, 25 December 1915, p. 61b, advertisement)

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