Minor Player / Variety Act for the week ending
Saturday, 17 January 2009

Lily Seville (fl. early 20th Century),
English music hall coster singer and comedienne

Lily Seville

Lily Seville

(photo: unknown, circa 1905)

'Miss Seville was brought to this country because of her clever impersonations of that interesting type, the London ''costor'' [sic]. She is a native of Yorkshire, and has an accent of her own that is quaint and interesting but when she gives to the audience the result of her careful, intelligent study of the ''costor,'' she attracts an attention and an interest that are unusual. Her act is of a very high class as a study of human types, and is greatly appreciated by the people. She sings several costor ballads, and is assisted in the act by Master Marx [i.e. Groucho Marx], a juvenile soprano singer and impersonator of the Yiddisher.'
(San Antonio Sunday Light, San Antonio, Texas, Sunday, 7 January 1906, p. 17g)

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