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Norman Partriege (fl. late 19th/early 20th Century),
English actor,
as Cassio in Othello
at the Queen's Theatre, Manchester, 12 January, 1907

Norman Partriege

Norman Partriege as Cassio
in Othello, Queen's Theatre, Manchester, 12 January 1907

(photo: Percy Guttenberg, Manchester, 1907)

This real photograph postcard, issued by the photographer Percy Guttenberg of Manchester, no. 143, is of Norman Partriege as he appeared as Cassio in the revival of Othello, which was produced at the Queen's Theatre, Manchester on 12 January 1912. Other leading members of the cast were Matheson Lang in the title role, Margaret Halstan as Desdemona and Eileen Kerin as Bianca.

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