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Mimi Margotine (fl. late 19th/early 20th Century),
actress and dancer

Mimi Margotine

a cabinet photograph of Mimi Margotine as she appeared as the Queen of Venus in
The Silver Slipper, Lyric Theatre, London, 1 June 1901

(photo: Alfred Ellis & Walery, London, 1901, negative no. 36170-12)

Mimi Martotine is recorded as having appeared as Ivy in the musical comedy The Man in the Moon, which was produced at the New York Theatre, New York, on 24 April 1899, and as the Queen of Venus in the 'modern extravaganza' The Silver Slipper, with music by Leslie Stuart, which opened at the Lyric Theatre, London, on 1 June 1901.

Mimi Margotine

Mimi Margotine

(photo: Alfred Ellis, London, late 1890s)

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