Minor Player / Variety Act for the week ending
Saturday, 14 February 2009

Madame Mealy (Juliette Samany, 1867-1951),
Parisian chanteuse and danseuse

Madame Mealy

Madame Mealy (Juliette Samany)

(photo: Reutlinger, Paris, circa 1900)

'It has often been commented on that the dancing in Paris is, as a rule, so very poor, but there is only brilliant exception in Madame Mealy, an artiste apparently considered unworthy of any save the smallest type on the programme; she is, nevertheless, the prettiest dancer I have seen on the Parisian stage; blessed with a pretty face and figure, she is not only a capital dancer and sings prettily, and is an excellent comedienne; I shall be much mistaken if we don't hear very shortly that the pretty little lady has ''arrived,'' as they say here.'
(Edith Kenward, 'Notes from Paris,' The Music Hall and Theatre Review, London, Friday, 30 August 1901, p. 138b)

Palace Theatre of Varieties, London
'Madame Mealy, The Parisian Chanteuse now appearing with Very Great Success at the Palace Theatre.'
(The Sketch, London, Wednesday, 12 October 1904, p.486a)

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