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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Marie Lloyd (1870-1922),
star of the British music hall,
singing 'The Threepenny Hop' and other songs,
including 'The Coster's Wedding'
and its sequel, 'The Coster's Christening'

Marie Lloyd

Marie Lloyd in costume for the song, ‘The Coster’s Wedding.’

(photo: unknown, circa 1904)

This real photograph postcard was published about 1904 in the Rotary Photographic Series (1601 E) by the Rotary Photographic Co Ltd of London.

Middlesex music hall, Drury Lane, London, Saturday, 11 April 1896
‘Miss Lou Carley made her début at the Middlesex on Saturday last, and it was rather a unique introduction.
‘Miss Marie Lloyd, on entering the hall, spotted Miss Lou, who was among the audience seeing the show; she was wearing a brilliant blue skirt, a brown jacket with large buttons, and an enormous hat with a collection of blue and black feathers. Miss Lloyd saw, with her insight of character, that it was just the costume to dress a new song, so accordingly she introduced herself to the young lady and asked her to lend her frock, etc. for a few minutes. Consent was given, and the two retired to the back.
‘Miss Lloyd sang "A Young Man Wanted," "Camera" and "Knick-knack" songs, and the public were greedy and wanted a fourth, so she donned the borrowed clothes and essayed a new song by Messrs. Harrington and Le Brunn, entitled "The Threepenny Hop." The chorus is:

Our threepenny hop, our threepenny hop,
You have to keep jolly good order
Because the M.C. is a slop;
And if you’re a bit of a soldier
You’ll find it a bit of a cop.
For the Army’s admitted for nothing at all
At our threepenny hop.

‘It is needless to say that the song was received with rapturous applause, and on Marie taking her sixth curtain she dragged on the timid Lou, who was hatless, but had on a pink blouse and a petticoat.
‘Miss Lloyd then recompensed the donah for the load of the clobber, and next bought the lot, and agreed to purchase a new outfit for Miss Carley.’
(The Encore, London, Friday, 17 April 1896, p.6b/c; donah = Madonna = young woman; clobber = clothes)

Tivoli music hall, Strand, London, week beginning Monday, 24 May 1904
'Marie Lloyd has a new song, a sequel to ''The Coster's Wedding,'' entitled ''The Coster's Christening.'' She carries a property baby, and her business and patter are very amusing. The Lyric forms an admirable successor to the one whose place it has taken, and will no doubt serve the clver artist fro as long a period. ''Actions'' [i.e. 'Actions Speak Louder Than Words'] is another of Marie's selections that scores heavily.'
(Licensed Victuallers' Mirror, London, Friday, 27 May 1904, p. 3b)

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