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Katie Lawrence (1870-1913),
English music hall comedienne

Katie Lawrence

Katie Lawrence, whose greatest success was in 1892 with
Harry Dacre's 'Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Made for Two)'

(photo: unknown, UK, late 1890s)

This real photograph cigarette card of Katie Lawrence was issued about 1900 in England in one of Ogden's Guinea Gold series.

'Katie Lawrence, Who Has Been Dubbed the ''Coster Girl.''
'Kattie Lawrence is an artistic serio comic singer who has made a great hit with the patrons of Tony Pastor's New York theatrer. Miss Lawrence is an English girl, and this is her first visit to America. She is Mrs. George Fuller in private life, and her husband accompanies her. Miss Lawrence is an excellent dancer, and unlike most serio comics she possesses a remarkably good voice. She has no respect for the traditional gestures of the music hall artist, and she affords a striking illustration of what is possible in variety singing and dancing.
'Miss Lawrence is one of the highest salaried serio comics in the world. It is said that during her recent engagement at Tony Pastor's she was paid $250 a week. When she returns to London Dec. 13 it will be to sing at five music halls ever night for a term of thirteen weeks. Miss Lawrence is still very young, and is as piquant in conversation as she is pretty of face and figure.'
(The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Tuesday, 6 December 1892, p. 7b)

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