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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Ethel Levey (1880-1955),
American actress and singer,
sings 'My Tango Girl' from Hullo, Tango!
London Hippodrome, 23 December 1913

Ethel Levey, 'My Tango Girl,' from Hullo, Tango!,
London Hippodrome, 23 December 1913, recorded 8 March 1914

(photo: various, circa 1909-circa 1925)

Ethel Levey (1880-1955), the American actress and singer, recently divorced from George M. Cohan, burst like a hurricane onto the stage at the London Hippodrome on 23 December 1912 in the aptly named revue, Hullo, Ragtime! With songs like 'How Do You Do, Miss Ragtime?' delivered in her signature foghorn voice, Miss Levey literally jolted Londoners out of their seats. She returned triumphantly to the same theatre on 23 December 1913 for its next production, Hullo, Tango! in which she sang 'My Tango Girl' (recorded for the HMV label (03376, mx 7831f) on 8 March 1914), and the song for which Sophie Tucker will always be remembered, 'Some of These Days.'

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