Cigarette card for the week ending
Saturday, 21 March 2009

Gwennyth Hughes (fl. circa 1911-1918),
actress and singer

Gwennyth Hughes

Gwennyth Hughes

(photo: unknown, UK, circa 1915)

This real photograph cigarette card of Gwennyth Hughes is no. 17 in the 'Beauties' series of 50 issued in 1927 with Chess Cigarettes by Hignett, Brothers & Co, England. By the time of publication Miss Hughes, who appeared in minor roles in various London West End musicals, such as Princess Caprice (Shaftesbury, 11 May 1912) and Oh! Oh!! Delphine!!! (Shaftesbury, 18 February 1913), seems to have retired from the theatre.

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