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Charles Hooker and Mabelle Davies
(fl. late 19th/early 20th Century), American dancers

Charles Hooker and Mabelle Davies

Charles Hooker and Mabelle Davies
'Americas Favorite Dancere' [sic]

(photo: Llorca, 76 Cours Lieutaud, Marseilles, France, circa 1903)

This postcard, a repro process, publisher unknown, issued about 1903, is of the American dancers Charles Hooker and Mabelle (Davies).

'A Stranger in New York.
'Sioux City Journal, Feb. 1 [1900]: A good sized audience laughed to its heart's content at the Grand last night when a company presented for the third time in Sioux City Hoyt's A Stranger in New York. This year a new star was in the title role - Paul F. Nicholson, jr., who proved a good successor to Harry Connor and Joe Coyne. He makes all there is to be made out of the extremely funny part. When last in Sioux City Nicholson was the Jew in Alice Neilsen's production of The Fortune Teller. He is a clever comedian, and made a hit last night. But he did not carry off all the honors. Miss Norton in the exacting part of Hattie, and who conducts a few side talks with success in the last act, shared them. George Tallman sings and acts well; Douglas Flint is as fat and jolly as ever, and Sidney Grant in imitations of well known actors and in characters proved a good addition to the company. Charles Hooker is one of the best shuffle dancers in the business, and clever Mabelle Davies is a close second. In fact it was a creditable company, and like all of Hoyt's plays, while rather broad, A Stranger in New York goes with a snap and dash that is refreshing.
'At Brown's opera house [Waterloo, Iowa] tonight.'
(Waterloo Daily courier, Waterloo, Iowa, Saturday, 3 February 1900, p. 7g)

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