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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Anna Held (1872-1918),
Polish born singer and theatrical celebrity,
charmed by Marie Lloyd's 'Directoire Girl,'
London, 1908

Anna Held
Anna Held (1872-1918),
Polish born singer and theatrical celebrity

(photo: Aimé Dupont, New York, circa 1897)

'Miss Anna Held, who is so well remembered at the Palace Theatre, while in London recently, paid a visit to the Tivoli, and was so charmed with Miss Marie Lloyd's ''Directoire Girl,'' by Messrs. John P. Harrington and Orlando Powell, that by special permission of our queen of comedy, the American ''star'' will introduce this number into the new Ziegfeld production now being specially written round her. It has been Americanised for Miss Held by the author, and will be issued in the States by Messrs. Francis, Day, and Hunter, by arrangement with the Monte Carlo Publishing Co.'
(The Era, London, Saturday, 17 July 1908, p. 21a)

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