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Mabel Green (1887?-1970?),
English actress and singer,
a star of The Little Michus, Daly's Theatre, London, 29 April 1905

Mabel Green, Eva Wright
Mabel Green (standing) and Eva Wright
at the time of their appearances respectively as
Marie Blanche and Mme. De St. Phar
in The Little Michus, Daly's, London, 29 April 1905

(photo: unknown, London, 1905)

'Miss Mabel Green.
'Less than twelve months ago the assertiveness of youth on the stage was demonstrated by the fact that in three light operas the principal parts were played by four young ladies whose united ages totalled only seventy-two years - an average of eighteen. These ladies were Miss Adrienne Augarde, Miss Zena Dare, Miss Phyllis Dare, and Miss Mabel Green. Miss Green had just created the part of Marie Blanche in The Little Michus, an her performance had led to an outburst of unanimous praise from the Press, which only occurs on the appearance of an artist of exceptional gifts. Miss Mabel Green's success was spontaneous and complete, but it was due more to natural talents than to training or experience. She had little of either, and has seen scarcely anything of plays, players or playhouses. True, she had a short engagement in The Cherry Girl, and appeared in ''the crowd'' in The Cingalee, during the closing days of that strangely-born work; but few besides her friends and Mr. George Edwardes could have forecast for her a brilliant future. The retirement of Miss Maggie May from the rehearsals of The Little Michus persuaded Mr. George Edwardes to give the young artist a chance, and in signing and acting Miss Green at once justified the choice of the astutest manager in London.
'A Londoner.
'In these days, when we are told that the talents and the energies of the nation spring from the Provinces, it is some consolation to find that in the modest region of light opera London can supply itself and the rest of the country also Miss Mabel Green is a Londoner by birth and education, and is a living example of the truth (too often doubted) that as a race London girls can hold their own with those of any town or country. With blue eyes and pretty features, and wavy light brown hair clustering over well-formed shoulders of a petite figure, Miss Green makes as dainty a picture as the best of artists could wish to paint, or his patrons wish to gaze upon. Add to this the bloom and brightness of youth, the engaging manner of the typical ''bright and beautiful English girl,'' and the talents to which reference have already been made, and you have one of the mos attractive personalities of the lyric stage.
'Miss Green is now playing her original part in the tour of The Little Michus, contributing materially by her singing and her natural vivacity to the enormous success which has attended Mr. George Edwardes's company in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester, and Leeds. London, will renew its acquaintance with this clever little lady when the company appears at Stoke Newington in April. Under the tuition of Miss Geraldine Ulmar (Mrs. Ivan Caryll), for so long the prima donna at the Savoy in the precious Gilbert and Sullivan days, Miss Green's voice has improved considerably, recalling at times that of Miss Isabel Jay. Either in light opera or comedy or on the concert platform, Miss Mabel Green is equally at home; and ''her professional career,'' as I may say in the words of the great Daily Telegraph, on the morrow of her success at Daly's Theatre, ''will be watched with interest.'' Miss Green has yet to experience the dreadful sensation of arriving at the advanced age of twenty!''
(M.A.P., London, Saturday, 17 March 1906, p. 246a)

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