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Mysie Devine (fl. early 20th Century),
English actress and singer,
as Sonia in one of George Edwardes's UK touring companies of
The Merry Widow, l908 and 1909

Mysie Devine

Mysie Devine as Sonia in The Merry Widow

(photo: unknown, UK, probably 1908)

This real photograph postcard, no. 11407C, was issued about 1908 by the Rotary Photographic Co Ltd of London in its Rotary Photographic Series.

Theatre Royal, Brighton, Sussex, week beginning Monday, 11 April 1909
'Once again The Merry Widow is drawing many hundreds of local playgoers to the Royal by a subtle magnetism such as no modern musical comedy can claim to equal. Just what particular virtue has made The Merry Widow such an immense success would be difficult to say. Not the music alone; not even that wonderful waltz alone; nor the appearances of ''stars''; one can only say that the piece is like nothing else of its kind, and that with each succeeding visit its ineffable charm weaves a lighter spell around all who love the beautiful, whether in music, dance, or costume. There are many musical plays, but there is only one Merry Widow.
'Mr. George Edwardes has staged the production with the care and liberality that it demands, and one could not wish for a more polished representation. Miss Mysie Devine and Mr. Frank Greene, who play the leading roles of Sonia and the Prince respectively, are both excellent, and, in particular, must be highly complimented upon their performance of the famous waltz on Monday. It was a real artistic triumph. Mr. Ripley Evans, the possessor of a fine tenor voice, also scored decisively, as did Mr. Edward D'Arcy (Baron Popoff) and Mr. Fred Fowler (Nisch). The latter's dances with Miss Katie May [as Frou-Frou] made a great hit. In fact, the company throughout is an exceedingly good one, and the production as a whole is undoubtedly one of the best provincial shows Mr. Edwardes has given us for a very long time.'
(Brighton & Hove Society, Brighton, Sussex, Thursday, 14 April 1909, p. 1736b)

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