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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Liane d'Eve (fl. early 20th Century),
French singer, dancer and quick-change artist

Liane d'Eve

Liane d'Eve

(photo: F.W. Appleby, Coventry, England, probably 1914)

This real photograph postcard was probably produced by the photographer, F.W. Appleby of Coventry, at the request of Liane D'Eve herself for distribution to her admirers.

'Mlle. Liane D'Eve, who appeared at the Tivoli on Monday night, is no stranger to town [i.e. London]. She appeared at the Empire over twelve months ago, not, however, in exactly identical circumstances. Mlle. D'Eve is a beautiful girl who emerges from a large picture frame at the back of the stage. She sings and dances quite delightfully, returning from time to time to her frame, which is, in fact, a little dressing-room, and there changing her costume, even to delicate details, in full view of the audience.'
(Weekly Dispatch, London, Sunday, 14 July 1907, p. 10d)

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