Minor Player / Variety Act for the week ending
Saturday, 15 November 2008

Georgine D'Orossy (fl. late 1870s),
Austrian equestrienne

Georgine D'Orossy

a carte de visite photograph of Georgine D'Orossy

(photo: Othmar v. Türk, Vienna, late 1870s)

'VIENNA, April 5, 1879. . . .
'A NEW Music Hall, a cross between the Canterbury and Cremorne, will soon be opened in the Prater by Herr Ronacher, the Proprietor of the large establishment hitherto known as the third cafe'. Leona Dare and a company of English vocalists are announced for the opening night on Easter Monday. A new Circus will also shortly be opened in the same neighbourhood by a Mdlle. Orossy, said to be a wealthy private lady passionately fond of equestrian exercise.'
(The Era, London, Sunday, 13 April 1879, p. 5d)

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