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Fred Duprez (1884-1938),
American vaudeville comedian, monologist, singer and writer

Fred Duprez
Fred Duprez, 'the man who talks and sings'

(photo: Fielding, Leeds, circa 1914)

The Bijou, Manitoba, week beginning Monday, 29 July 1907.
'Fred Duprez a comedian of exceptional merit and wide reputation in the east is booked. That his parodies and stories will meet with the approval of the audiences is a certainty. The Philadelphia News of May 28, says: ''Fred Duprez comes on with fun exuding all over him. He is a genius for making people laugh and many in the aucience wo hadn't even smiles prior to his appearance were forced to unbend and give way to his irresistible humor. His illustrated parodies are a decided novelty and makes a hit.'''
(Manitoba Morning Free Press, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, Monday, 29 July 1907, p.8b)

'Grace Hazard, the young Washington actress who has won success in the vaudeville field with her ''Five Feet of Comic Opera,'' became the wife of Fred Duprez, also a vaudeville performer, last week in London. The marriage was an elopement, Miss Hazard's mother, who travels with her, having attempted to thwart the plans of the couple.'
(The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Sunday, 7 July 1912, Magazine Section, p.3c)

Fred Duprez made a number of cylinder and disc recordings in New York (between 1908 and about 1915) and London (between 1917 and 1924), a good example of which is his 'Desperate Desmond - Drama (Rehearsing the Orchestra),' recorded for the Edison label (50254) in New York about April 1915. Four further Duprez recordings are to be found on the Internet Archive. He also appeared in a number of films between 1933 and the year of his death, 1938.

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