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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Harry Champion (1865-1942),
English music hall comedian

Harry Champion
Harry Champion in retirement

(photo: snapshot, circa 1935)

'A Link With the Old.
'Harry Champion is one of the few remaining links with the music-hall of a decade back. He has retained throughout his career the same individuality which brought him early into favour. He may not be exactly to the liking of some music-hall patrons; there is too much mechanical action, and too much dependence upon songs built on absurdities.
'The man who can appear before an audience of to-day, and make them laugh about 'Boiled beef and carrots,'' and who sings 'I will have a red waistcoat, I will, I will, I will, I will, I will, I will,'' has achieved something.
'It is perhaps as much in the merry rhythm of his manner as in what he songs that the secret lies. Anyhow, he retains his hold, and is repeatedly welcomed back.
'It is said that quite apart from his means from the hall [sic], Champion has a cab-business in London, which brings him a nice revenue.'
(The Manchester Evening Chronicle, Manchester, England, Saturday, 12 June 1909, p. 3g)

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