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George Cooke (1807-1863),
English actor manager

George Cooke
carte de visite photograph of George Cooke

(photo: Heath & Beau, 283 Regent Street, London, 1862/63)

'SUICIDE OF MR. GEORGE COOKE, THE COMEDIAN. - We regret to have to state that this much respected member of the theatrical profession died by his own hand, on Thursday morning. He had been suffering for some time from a drospical disease, the pain of which probably caused a fit of temporary insanity, and he cut his throat. He had long been an actor of old men at the Olympic theatre, which his genial natural acting made him a great favourite with the public. His impersonation of the old sailor in the drama of the Lighthouse, and many similar sketches of character will long be remembered by playgoers.'
(The Daily News, London, Saturday, 7 March 1863, p. 7d)

'Death of Mr. George Cooke.
'A painful sensation on Thursday morning was created in theatrical circles by the intelligence that Mr. George Cooke, the favourite comedian of the Olympic Theatre, had destroyed himself under the pressure of a fit of insanity, arising, as it is believed, from long-continued illness of a serious nature. As a genial actor Mr. George Cooke had for the last fifteen years occupied a high position at the Strand and Olympic Theatres, and his death under the above deplorable circumstances will be deeply regretted both by the public and his professional brethren.'
(The Era, London, Sunday, 8 March 1863, p. 11b)

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