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the Four Amaranths
(Mary, Tina, Jennie and Hannah, fl. early 20th Century),
acrobatic dancers

Mary, Tina, Jennie and Hannah Amaranth

'A quartette of graceful lady acrobatic dancers. Some act.'
(The Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, Wisconsin, 23 February 1915, p. 6f, advertisement)

Mary, Tina, Jennie and Hannah Amaranth

(photo: unknown, circa 1910)

This hand tinted real photograph postcard, photographer and publisher uncredited, dates from about 1910. For reference to the Four Amaranths' appearances in New York between 1915 and 1920, see the Internet Broadway Database.

The Three Amaranths

The Three Amaranths

'One of the most striking features in The Cingalee
is the devil dancing by the Sisters Amaranth,
who were greatly applauded by the Queen [Alexandra] on the first night.'

(photo: unknown, probably London, circa 1904)

The Three Amaranths (otherwise known as the Sisters Amaranth) appeared in the musical play, The Cingalee; or, Sunny Ceylon, which was produced at Daly's Theatre, London, on 5 March 1904. Their Perahara Dances were intended to enrich the exotic setting of the piece. Other members of the cast included Hayden Coffin, Rutland Barrington, Fred Kaye, Huntley Wright, Sybil Arundale, Gracie Leigh, Carrie Moore and Isabel Jay, together with the dancers Loku Banda, Willie Warde and Topsy Sinden.

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