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Irene Browne, a new musical
comedy star, London, 1916

Irene Browne

Irene Browne (1896-1965), English actress and singer

(photo: Foulsham & Banfield, London, 1916)

'A new musical-comedy star who has scored a striking success at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Miss Irene Browne. The heroine in My Lady Frayle, and a young actress who has shown us that not only is she gifted with dramatic talent of a very high order but is likewise the possessor of a beautiful voice. You are never afraid that Miss Irene Browne will produce a bad note, and her fresh, natural style of voice-production is a sheer joy to listen to. Lady Frayle is a character which demands something more than a musical-comedy actress, and in Miss Irene Browne the happy combination of talent has been discovered. The play is one of the wittiest and prettiest things on in London at the moment, and Mr. Robert Courtneidge may be congratulated upon a brilliant triumph. Miss Browne was unable to appear in the part until recently owing to a bad attack of laryngitis.'
(The Tatler, London, 29 March 1916, p. 391)

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George Ovey appears
on screen as Jerry, 1916

George Ovey

'Isn't he like his father!'

George Ovey (1870-1951), American comedian and film actor

(photo: unknown, probably USA, 1916)

'George Ovey, the merry ''Jerry'' in Cub Comedies, has been presented with a Jerry Doll. The pair had their ''likeness took'' for Pictures readers.
'It is interested to note that George Ovey, whose jolly portrait appears on our frontispiece page [see above], who is being featured as 'Jerry' in David Horsley productions made in America, is a British comedian [sic], and has appeared in nearly all the Cub comedies, one of which is turned out from the studios every week. As many of you must already know from experience, ''Jerry'' is one of the quaintest mirth-provokers on the screen. The next release featuring him is Jerry in the Movies (July 20th [1916]), to be followed on July 27th by Too Proud to Fight'
(Pictures and the Picturegoer, London, Saturday, 15 July 1916, pp. 281 and 297 and 298c)

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