Press Clippings for the week ending
Saturday, 7 November 2009

A random selection of clippings
from newspapers and magazines

Madge Lessing
in the summer of 1900

Madge Lessing

Madge Lessing (1866-1932), actress and vocalist

(photo: Elmer Chickering, Boston, circa 1900)

'The bottom part of the screen was cut out of the picture so that Madge's black tights would receive the full benefit of a white background. Stand out fairly well, don't they? Madge is working [in New York] with The Rounders Company, at the Casino now. She'd rather be at the sea shore, but the men who run the beaches have no business sagacity. They don't pay salaries for their attractions, so Madge has to confine herself to the most difficult task of making other stay-at-homes feel - what she herself cannot feel - glad to be there.'
(The Standard, New York and London, Saturday, 28 July 1900, p.23)

* * * * * * * *

Minnie Cunningham in 1905 -
'Provincial pet. London's pride'

Minnie Cunningham

Minnie Cunningham (1870-1954), English music hall singer and dancer

(photo: unknown, circa 1905)

'Miss Minnie Cunningham.
'Melodious Minnie. Pretty and Pleasing. Is the daughter. Of someone, naturally. Ned Cunningham. Who could sing. And dance. When he died. Daughter went on Halls. Age jut 10. Started Museum, Birmingham. As a male impersonator. Singing the dad's songs. Played in several pantos. Then in the "smalls." Low salary. Lots of fun. First appearance. Middlesex in 1886. Was afraid of London. Shy little girl! Not so timid now. Started with lively song. About Tottie, the Nobleman's Daughter. Tottie was a frost. Soon disappeared. But "try, try, try again." With a character ballad. "The Hurdy-Gurdy Girl." Girl did well. Big success. Miss Cunningham likes pantomime. Never had a lesson in dancing. Bred in her. Greatest success. "Give us a wag of your tail, old dog." Old song revived. Provincial pet. London's pride. Deserves all her success. So long!'
(The Variety Theatre, London, Friday, 19 May 1905, p.19a)

* * * * * * * *

Marie Lloyd tells of a proposed
engagement prior to holidaying
in Madeira, February 1907

Marie Lloyd

Marie Lloyd (1870-1922), English music hall comedienne,
on holiday in Madeira, February 1907

(photo: unknown, Madeira, February 1907)

'Miss Marie Lloyd informs me that Mr. George Edwardes has offered her a three years' engagement at the Gaiety. It is proposed that this engagement will (if settled) start at the expiration of Miss Lloyd's present variety contracts. It is also proposed that Miss Lloyd shall for some time simply sing her own songs in Gaiety plays, and that afterwards Mr. Edwardes will provide new plays expressly for her. Meanwhile Miss Lloyd has departed for Madeira to recuperate for a while. Yesterday morning she sailed from Liverpool in the Saxon.'
(The Referee, London, Sunday, 17 February 1907, p.3a)

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