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Saturday, 8 August 2009

A random selection of clippings
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Camille Clifford hides
in a sweet shop, Bristol, 1906

Camille Clifford

Camille Clifford (1885-1971),
Danish-born, American raised, English theatrical celebrity,
as a Gibson Girl, in The Belle of Mayfair, Vaudeville Theatre, London, 1906

(photo: Bassano, London, 1906)

'Miss Camille Clifford was so annoyed by a crowd at Bristol that she took refuge in a confectioner's shop. We have known actresses to do the same even without the pressure of a crowd.'
(The Sporting Times, London, Saturday, 10 November 1906, p. 1b)

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Zona Vevey accompanied by Max Erard
at the Hippodrome, Brighton,
week beginning Monday, 6 March 1911

Max Erard and Zona Veney

husband and wife, Max Erard and Zona Vevey

(photo: unknown, possibly Henderson & Co, Rochdale, circa 1912)

'Zona Vevey is back again with her delightful songs, including a pretty little ''Shepherd Boy'' ditty, and on Monday the audience went wild with delight when, in response to an encore that could not be denied she gave ''Every Sunday Evening.'' Max Erard is again assisting Miss Vevey at the piano, and his brilliant solo and accompaniments win enthusiastic admiration.'
(Brighton and Hove Society, Brighton, Sussex, Thursday, 9 March 1911, p. 4149b)

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Mabel Russell's reappearance,
London, 1912

Mabel Russell

Mabel Russell (1887-1951)
English actress and singer

(photo: Dover Street Studios, London, circa 1908)

'Miss Mabel Russell has made a welcome reappearance on the stage [as Jolan] in Gipsy Love [Daly's Theatre, London, 1 June 1912] after her severe motor accident.
'On the first night of the piece she found her dressing-room filled with flowers from friends, and she had no fewer than 124 telegrams wisher her ''good luck.''
'In addition to this, ''gallery boys and girls'' came from Manchester to see the first night and applauded her vigorously, after waiting hours for he doors to open. This reminded her that she was not forgotten by her friends in the provinces.
'Gipsy Love has caught on, and is such a success that it is likely to have a very long and successful run. Miss Russell is a great acquisition to the cast, and she is such a beautiful dancer that she used to understudy Mlle. Genée in The Little Michus. 'The sad accident, in which she lost her husband, Mr. Stanley Rhodes, has, fortunately, not disfigured her.'
(Home Notes, London, 11 July 1912, p. 56a)

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