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Connie Ediss's 'Bacchanalian songs'
remembered, London, 1907

Connie Ediss

song sheet cover with portrait of Connie Ediss for the English version of
May Irwin's 'Bully Song', included in the musical comedy,
My Girl, Gaiety Theatre, London, 13 July 1896

(lithograph portrait after a photo. by Alfred Ellis, London, 1896;
published by Charles Sheard & Co, London, 1896)

Click here for Miss Irwin's recording of 'The Bully' (3mb mp3),
(Victor 31642, mx 6-4511-1, recorded New York, 20 May 1907;
included here by courtesy of the Internet Archive)

'Miss Connie Ediss, the well-known comedian of the Gaiety Theatre, sailed for South Africa yesterday in fulfilment of a music-hall engagement there. Miss Ediss, one may remark, is no stranger to the variety stage. Years ago, when Mr. Albert Chevalier ran the Trocadero as a music hall in partnership with Mr. Hugh Jay Dicott [a well-known music hall agent and former actor and music hall singer, father of Maudi Darrell], Miss Ediss made her first appearance in London as a ''serio comic,'' singing Bacchanalian songs with great gusto. It was Mr. George Edwardes who first associated her with the métier in which she has become so distinguished - that of the buxom bourgeoise.'
(Weekly Dispatch, London, Sunday, 20 January 1907, p. 6f)

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Ethel Irving's succinct reply, London, 1909

Ethel Irving

Ethel Irving (1869-1963), English actress and singer,
as La Bolero in Paul Rubens's comedy with music,
Mr Popple (of Ippleton), Apollo Theatre, London, 13 March 1906

(photo: Dover Street Studios, London, 1906)

'Our Telegraph Board.
'The latest method of interviewing.
'This feature of ''P.W.'' consists in telegrams set by us to all sorts and conditions of men and women, on any subject that happens to be of interest at the moment. . . .
'This was our telegram to some clever ladies [including Ethel Irving, whose reply was:]
'Southampton Street, Strand.
'Sharpen my hat pins and let my nails grow.
'Ethel Irving.'
(Pearson's Weekly, London, Saturday, 4 March 1909, p. 723)

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Madge White on a UK tour of
Bric-à-Brac, 1917

Madge White

Madge White (d. 1978), English actress and singer,
as she appeared during a 1919 UK tour of
Grossmith and Laurillard's revue Oh, Joy!

(photo: Dobson, Liverpool. 1919)

'Stepped Out of the Chorus.
'Pretty, auburn-haired Madge White, who stepped out of the chorus when a leading lady was away from one of Mr. Butt's productions, is now appearing in Gertie Millar's part in the touring version of. I saw her at the Hippodrome, Brighton, during the week, and I think that when opportunity arises she should make good in the West End.'
(Weekly Dispatch, London, Sunday, 18 March 1917, p. 6b)

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