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Death of William Honrey, Manchester, 1895

Honrey Brothers

Honrey Brothers (Daniel and William, fl.1870s),
English acrobats and clowns

(photo: J. F. Naddermeier, Walsall, England, 1870s)

'WILLIAM HONREY, of the Brothers Honrey, musical clowns and grotesques, died on Sunday, 15 51, Boundary-street, C.-on-M., Manchester, in very straitened circumstances. If any brother and sister artistes would kindly contribute a little towards the funeral expenses, the amounts will be thankfully received and duly acknowledged if sent to Sam Vernon at the address mentioned.'
(The Era, London, Saturday, 16 February 1895, p. 17b)

'HONREY. - On Sunday, Feb. 10th, at Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, William Honrey (Armstrong), the Prince of Wales's clown. Inquiries to Ellen Collins, 3, Gun-street, Bishopsgate, London, Gaertner and Richards note. Australian, Irish, and Spanish papers please copy.' (The Era, London, Saturday, 16 February 1895, p. 12c)

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Sandow at the Empire,
Birmingham, England, March, 1898

Eugen Sandow

Eugen Sandow (1867-1925),
Prussian born strongman, and company

(photo: unknown, USA, mid 1890s)

'At the Empire this week Sandow, the man of muscle, is the star, and crowds of would-be Samsons have watched his performance in the hope perhaps of strengthening their own muscles by gazing at the remarkable development of those of the famous athlete. Sandow lifts a couple of dumb-bells, each weighing 90lb, with wonderful ease, and he also raises a 300lb bar-bell, lifting it above his head with one hand only. Lying down with his neck and feet resting on supports, he lifts two 56lb weights while four men stand on his body. The strength of his fingers is shown by the ease with which he tears up first one and then two, and three packs of playing cards, and if one would realise Browning's line, ''The muscles all a-ripple on his back,'' it is very easy to do so at the Empire this week.'
(The Owl, Birmingham, England, Friday, 4 March 1898, p. 1a)

* * * * * * * *

R.G. Knowles, George Robey,
Connie Ediss, and Victoria Monks
entertain guests of
Baron and Baroness de Meyer, London, 1907

Victoria Monks

Victoria Monks (1885/90-1927),
English music hall comedienne

(photo: unknown, circa 1911)

Special Cable to The Washington Post, London, 8 June 1907
'Americans were well represented at the party of Baron and Baroness de Meyer on Thursday, given at their artistic home in Cadogan Gardens - Lady Essex, Lady Craven, Mrs. Richard McCreery, Mrs. Jaffray, Mrs Bradley Martin, Mrs. Newhouse, Mrs. Potter Palmer, Lady Johnstone, and Mrs and Miss Sharman.
'The entertainment was of the music hall variety, with droll people like R.G. Knowles, George Robey, Connie Ediss, and Victoria Monks taking part.'
(The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Sunday, 9 June 1907, Part One, p. 11h)

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