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Saturday, 17 January 2009

A random selection of clippings
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The Vedmars on tour in the United States
with Watson's Americans burlesque company,
March 1903

The Vedmars

The Vedmars (fl. early 20th Century), comedy acrobats

'The name sounds Hindoo, but the pose is Greek.
The Vedmars, Renee and Bert, are, needless to say, lights of
the vaudeville stage. There ''stunt'' has a few original touches in it
and is worth staying for, even if it's after a musical act.'
(The Standard and Vanity Fair, New York, Friday, 16 February 1906, [p. 4])

(photo: unknown, circa 1905)

'Watson's Americans, which will be the attraction at the Gaiety for the first three days of next week, is one of the largest and oldest burlesque companies on the road. The management have spared neither time nor money to get the best talent in the profession this season. This large organization consists of 35 people. The company is headed by the versatile artists, Jeanette Dupre and W.B. Watson. Among the other artists are ''Selbini,'' the phenomenal trick cyclist and juggler. This act alone is well worth the price you pay for admission. The Vedmars are direct from the music halls of London, which is a sufficient guarantee of their worth. Ella Shields, the phenomenal baritone; West and Williams, Hayman and Hayman, Batchellor Sisters, Burke and Raymond, and many others. Mr. Watson is producing the farce of Levy in Japan by request of different managers. This farce was a howling success last season. It introduces all members of the company.'
(The Albany Evening Journal, Albany, New York, Saturday, 21 March 1903, p. 6g)

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Lucia Nola, a soprano from
Washington, D.C., has joined the
Roscian Opera Company, 1905

Lucia Nola

Lucia Nola (fl. late 19th/early 20th Century),
American soprano

(photo: Baker Art Gallery, Columbus, Ohio, circa 1905)

'Miss Lucia Nola, who was for some years prominently identified with the local singers as a soprano, is now with the Roscian Opera Company as prima donna soprano. The operas being given by the company are Sousa's El Capitan, Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado, Balfe's Bohemian girl, Chimes of Normandy, and The Serenade which the Bostonians made famous. Miss Nola is heard in all the leading roles. She has hots of friends in this city, who will be interested to known of her success. Her work in Washington was characterized by a large amount of charitable work, such as the singing in the hospitals and the jail, and she did much other philanthropic work. She was a prominent and active member of the Doubleday Sunday Night Club.'
(The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Sunday, 15 October 1905, Part Two, Editorial Section, p. 10a)

* * * * * * * *

Germaine Mitty to appear in the
Ziegfeld Follies of 1921,
Globe Theatre, New York

Germaine Mitty

Germaine Mitty (otherwise Mitti) (fl. 1920s),
French actress, singer and dancer

(photo: Foulsham & Banfield, London, 1921)

'Germaine Mitty, the sensational Parisian musical comedy actress, used to prove to her Parisian audiences that her costume could be hidden in the palm of her hand. She removed it on the stage and showed them how it was done. She will be the principal attraction in the new Ziegfeld follies show and New Yorkers are wondering if she is going to show them, too.'
(The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Monday, 30 May 1921, p. 6d)

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