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Saturday, 6 december 2008

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Lillie Langry and company on tour
in the United Kingdom in
An Unequal Match and
She Stoops to Conquer, 1882

W.H. Denny

W.H. Denny (1853-1915),
English actor and singer,
as Tony Lumkin in She Stoops to Conquer

(photo: W. & D. Downey, London, probably 1882)

'PRINCE OF WALES THEATRE. - Proprietor, Mr J. Rogers; Acting-Manager, Mr C. Appleby. - One Monday evening Mrs Langtry appeared as Hester Grazebrook, in An Unequal Match. Her performance throughout was unequal, and was rather colourless. She was supported by Mr Denny as Blenkinsop, by Mr Hargreaves as Dr. Botcherley, and by Mr Forrest as Harry Arncliffe, all playing carefully. Miss Kate Hodson was amusing as Bessie Hebblethwaite. On Tuesday evening Mrs Langry appeared to better advantage in the character of Miss Hardcastle, in Goldsmith's comedy She Stoops to Conquer. Mr W.H. Denny plated the role of Tony Lumkin splendidly, and brought out the humour of the part very strongly. Mr Hargreaves was excellent as Mr Hardcastle, and the Young Marlow of Mr E. Felton and the Hastings of Mr A.H. Forrest were only moderately well taken.'
(The Era, London, Saturday, 3 June 1882, p. 9a)

* * * * * * * *

Isabelle Giradot on tour in the
United Kingdom as Marton
in La Cigale, 1892

Isabelle Giradot

a cabinet photograph of Isabelle Giradot

(photo: Ferrier, 1 Tally Street, Dundee, Scotland, circa 1892)

Her Majesty's Theatre, Carlisle
'La Cigale is here this week. Miss Isabelle Giradot plays Marton in a sweet and fascinating manner, and sings her songs in a way that secures the hearty approval of the large audience. Charlotte is admirably rendered by Miss May Laurie. Miss Clare Harrington is good as the Duchess. Mr C.A. White gives a rollicking rendering of Matthew Vanderkoopen, Mr E.T. Steyne's William is good. Mr Frank H. Morton in the rôle of Vincent Knapps sings in a masterly style. Mr Percy Compton is the Duke of Fayensberg, and right well does he acquit himself. A quintette of pretty and graceful dancers, headed by Miss Maude Fisher, supplies a special feature. The chorus is large and good.'
(The Era, London, Saturday, 6 February 1892, p. 18e)

* * * * * * * *

Adele Richie in
The Wizard of the Nile,
on tour during 1897
in the United States and then,
disastrously, at the
Shaftesbury Theatre, London

Adele Ritchie

Adele Ritchie (1874?-1930),
American actress and singer.

(photo: unknown, New York, probably 1907)

'The quaint idea of representing Cleopatra of history as a young maiden who as yet has known nothing of love, and seemingly cannot comprehend it, is the central motive Harry B. Smith has used in his opera, The Wizard of the Nile, which is being exploited by the Frank Daniels Opera Company. Mr. Daniels's character is that of a Persian magician, who is rewarded with Cleopatra's hand in return for causing the Nile to rise, and his fruitless efforts to teach her the meaning of love cause his amusing perplexities. While it has been seen here before there is always a desire to see and hear it again. Frank Daniels is still the Wizard, and Adele Richie and ''Billy'' Corliss are also in the cast. The opera will be given again in the Hall next Thursday evening.'
(The Albany Evening Journal, Albany, New York, Saturday, 3 April 1897)

Shaftesbury Theatre, London, 6 September 1897, for 27 performances, with Adele Richie, J.J. Dallas, Amy Augarde, et al
'Adele Richie's starring attempt in the Wizard of the Nile has ended disastrously and the theatre, the Shaftesbury, has been closed. The management admits that The Wizard of the Nile was not a paying venture, ascribing its failure to the American quality of the humor which the English were unable to fathom.'
(The Auburn Bulletin, Auburn, New York, Saturday, 9 October 1897, p. 1e)

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