Press Clippings for the week ending
Saturday, 26 April 2008

A random selection of clippings
from newspapers and magazines

Rudolph Aronson acquires
Gentleman Joe from Arthur Roberts
for a United States' production
headed by James T. Powers, New York, 1891

Arthur Roberts

Arthur Roberts (1852-1933),
English comedian, singer and actor

(photo: unknown, probably England, circa 1885)

'Rudolph Aronson Home Again.
'Rudolph Aronson arrived home from Europe yesterday on the steamship Lueania. He brought a scenic model, prompt-book, orchestra score, costumes, properties, and other accessories for the production of Gentleman Joe, which he secured in London from Arthur Roberts for production at the Bijou some time in January.
'James T. Powers will have the leading role in the production here.'
(The New York Times, New York, Saturday, 30 November 1891, p.8a)

* * * * * * * *

Lina Abarbanell stars in
The Student King,
Chicago, 1906

Lina Abarbanell

Lina Abarbanell (1885–1963),
German born American actress and singer

(photo: unknown, USA, circa 1915)

'The warm welcome accorded to Lina Abarbanell by Chicago music lovers bespeaks as prosperous a career on the English lyric stage for this clever little artist as that achieved by her in the principal opera houses of Holland, Germany, and Austria. As Ilsa the Tyrolean princess in the new romantic comic opera, The Student King, by de Koven, Ranken, and Stange, Miss Abarbanell shines to exceptional advantage and is a decided acquisition to the American comic opera field.'
(The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Sunday, Editorial Section, 10 June 1906, p.4a)

* * * * * * * *

Harry Lauder, Victoria Monks,
Blanche Ring and Dan Michaels
to appear via the Chronophone at the
Grand Theatre, Reno, Friday, 8 April 1910

Victoria Monks

Victoria Monks (1885/90-1927),
English music hall comedienne

(photo: unknown, circa 1911)

'The Grand theatre which was purchased from Mr. E.D. Doud by the Isis Theatre Co. last week is now being equipped as a motion picture theatre preparatory to its reopening on Friday night of this week. A.J. Aylesworth, who sublet the theatre from Mr. Doud, during February and March, is not connected in any way with the new management.
'The program at the Grand under the Isis management will be changed entirely three times a week, the change days being Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. It will consist of three reels of the high class motion pictures and two reels of talking pictures.
'The Chronophone, or electrically synchronized machine for the purpose of reproducing in sound and motion picture sketches by the greatest vaudeville artists in the world has been added to the equipment of the Isis company and will take the place of the illustrated songs, which have always been a part of the program heretofore. The Chronophone is a perfected talking picture apparatus, which will present such artists as Harry Lauder, Victoria Monks, Blanche Ring, Dan Michaels and other celebrated stars in their best sketches.
'The price of admission at the Grand will be ten cents. Two performances in the afternoon and three at night will be given.'
(Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, Nevada, Tuesday, 5 April 1910, p.4c)

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