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Beth Tate's success in
The Girl from Rector's, 1909

Beth Tate

Beth Tate (b. 1890),
American actress and singer and artists' model

(photo: Talma & Co, Melbourne, circa 1913)

'Miss Beth Tate who has scored a tremendous success [on tour in the United States] as the maid in The Girl from Rector's is said to be one of the prettiest girls on the American stage. For six months each season in the past five years she had appeared with leading Broadway successes and the remainder of her time she has put in between London, Paris and New York posing for famous artists. Some of those in America who have used Miss Tate as a model on many occasions are Howard Christy, Archie Gunn, Charles Dana Gibson and other ''girl'' painters of note.
'It is her likeness that adorns the picture of ''Innocence'' which was recently hung in the Paris salon and which has created comment throughout the entire world.
'Miss Tate will be seen with The Girl from Rector's when that greatest of last season's New York successes comes to Greene's Thursday, matinee and night.'
(The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Monday, 22 November 1909, p.9a/b)

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