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advertisement for The Era,
weekly London newspaper,
'The Recognised Authority on matters relating to the Amusement Professions,'
established 1837

The Era

advertisement for The Era,
with a view of The Era Buildings,
5 Tavistock Street, London, WC

(from The Green Room Book, London, 1907 edition, p. xxx)

The Era, rivalled only by The Stage (1880 to the present), flourished from 1837 until its demise in 1939. For most of that time it was in the hands of just two proprietor/editors: Frederick Ledger (d.1874) and his son, Edward Ledger (d.1921). The latter sold out to W. Hamar Bass early in 1905. Originally published from 3 Catherine Street, Strand, it was moved at the close of the nineteenth century to a purpose built office known as The Era Buildings at 5 Tavistock Street.

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