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return of Graham Moffat's Scottish comedy
Bunty Pulls the Strings
to the Playhouse Theatre, London, 16 June 1913

Bunty Pulls the Strings

Bunty Pulls the Strings

(back cover advertisement, artwork by V. Hicks, 1913, 'with no apologies to W.K. Haselden'
The Playgoer and Society Illustrated, new series Vol. 8, no. 45, London, 1913)

Bunty Pulls the Strings, Graham Moffat's successful Scottish comedy, was first produced for a single matinee performance at the Playhouse, London, on 4 July 1911, before embarking on a 620 performance run at the Haymarket Theatre, London, on 18 July 1911. The play returned to the Playhouse for 37 further performances on 16 June 1913.

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