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Little Tich

Little Tich (1867-1928),
English music hall comedian

(photo: unknown, circa 1908)

Footlight Notes no. 541

for the week ending
2 February 2008

Read about Kurt Gänzl's latest biography, EMILY SOLDENE: IN SEARCH OF A SINGER, which has just been published. This long-awaited and detailed study of a fascinating Victorian theatrical celebrity and her contemporaries includes almost 700 illustrations. (This page is best viewed in Internet Explorer.)

Home - FOOTLIGHT NOTES, images of theatre and other popular entertainment, 1850s-1920s - carte de visite photograph of an unidentified burlesque actress, music hall serio comic or acrobat, early 1870s

Celebrity of the Week - Arthur Forrest (1850-1908), English music hall comedian and pantomime dame

Postcard of the week - Princess Pauline (b. 1873), English music hall comedienne

Cigarette Card of the week - Daisy Wood (1877-1964), English music hall comedienne and pantomime principal boy

Minor Player / Variety Act of the week - Fifi Gordon (fl. late 19th/early 20th Century), English music hall comedienne

Press Clippings of the week - Bessie Bellwood at the London Pavilion, April 1890 / Bills for London music halls for the week beginning Monday, 19 May 1901: the Empire, Leicester Square, Palace Theatre of Varieties, the Alhambra, Leicester Square, the Tivoli, and the Oxford / Gus Elen sues, London, 1906

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Betty Barclay & a Baritone (George Glover)

Betty Barclay & a Baritone
(George Glover)
English variety theatre dettiests (fl. circa 1910-1920)

(photo: unknown, circa 1915)

Sound file (3.5 mb) - the English variety theatre act known as 'Betty Barclay & a Baritone' toured the circuits between about 1910 and 1920 with their refined entertainment at a white grand piano, in which the 'Baritone' (George Glover) sang to the accompaniment of Miss Barclay. They made a handful of recordings for the HMV label about 1915 of which this example is a version of the song, 'I Want My Home In Ohio' (HMV C-669), which would not have disgraced any drawing room. Betty Barcaly's husband, Lieut.-Commander Beal, R.N., was killed on active service in the Spring of 1917.

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