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Evelyn Drewe

Evelyn Drewe (fl. 1920s),
English actress and singer,
who married Captain A.C. Giles of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in 1927

(photo: unknown, UK, circa 1920)

Footlight Notes no. 693

for the week ending
1 January 2011

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Adele Rowland

Adele Rowland (1883-1971),
American actress and singer
and vaudeville entertainer
(photo: unknown, USA, circa 1918)

Sound file (2.9 mb) - Adele Rowland, accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Josef Pasternack, here sings 'When You See Another Sweetie Hanging Around (That's the Time You'll Want to Come Back to Me),' a popular song written by Walter Donaldson, with lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young, and published in New York in 1919 by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co (Victor 18560, mx B-22802-3, recorded Camden, NJ. 23 April 1919)

Celebrity of the Week - Gertie Lena (Mrs Roberto Lena, b. 1880), English actress and singer

Postcard of the week - Lily Brayton and Oscar Asche in Laurence Binyon's tragedy Atilla, produced at His Majesty's Theatre, London, 4 September 1907

Cigarette Card of the week - unidentified burlesque actress/entertainer, early 1890s

Advertisement of the week - Neil Kenyon (1873-1946), Scottish music hall comedian, indisposed in New York, January 1914

More celebrity recordings from the Footlight Notes Collection, including Norah Bayes, Lee White and Clay Smith, Elsie Janis and Basil Hallam, J.W. Rickaby, Jay Laurier, Blanche Ring, Bonita and Lew Hearn, Dorothy Dickson, Odette Myrtil, John Steel and more.

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