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Saturday, 30 October 2010

remembering Patrick O'Connor (1949-2010)

'Adah Richmond''

a promenade photograph (8 by 4 inches) of
Adah Richmond (fl. 1870s-1900), American actress and singer

(photo: Anderson, Richmond, VA, United States of America, circa 1880)

Testimony for the Defense in the Richmond-Stetson Case.

'BOSTON, Mass., March 11 [1897]. - In the case of Adah Richmond, who seeks to establish the fact that she is the lawful widow of the late John Stetson, the theatrical manager, the counsel for the defense today offered in evidence the deposition of Bishop Newman of San Francisco, taken at Washington, March 6.
'The deponent stated that on February 20, 1867, in New Orleans, he performed a marriage ceremony, in which John Schnaffer and Adah Emmerman were the principals. He performed the ceremony by virtue of a marriage in the record-book of the Methodist Episcopal Church of New Orleans, with which he was connected. Bishop Newman further deposed, when the entry-book was produced, that the entry of the marriage was in his hand-writing.
'Gus Williams, the actor, testified that he first met Adah Richmond in Pittsburg in 1870, and she told him that she was married to John Stout, a ballad singer. In 1871 he again saw her and Stetson at the home in Aiden street, Boston, where they were living together, to all appearances. He never heard Mr. Stetson call her ''Mrs.'' Stetson. The witness, in 1887 and 1888, was with the Adah Richmond Burlesque Company, of which William Borst was manager.
'Mr. Borst and Adah Richmond were man and wife in their relations. She was never called Mrs. Borst. When Borst died Adah Richmond was present at the funeral dressed in deep mourning.'
(The San Francisco Call, San Francisco, Friday, 12 March 1897, p. 4b)

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